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The episode starts with Sai knocking the door and calling for Ashwini and Usha. Shivani tells Virat that the neighbors will wake up if Sai continues ringing bell like this. Ashwini and Usha try to convince Virat to let Sai enter the house. Virat tells now Sai will go to Gadchiroli. Bhavani tells Usha to leave too. Usha opens the door, Virat shouts that today our eyes have opened and tells Sai not to enter the house. Virat tells Sai to leave the house,there is no place for you in this house. Sai tells the neighbors will wake up so let her enter the house.

Virat tells he doesn’t care what her answers her,he has decided Sai won’t enter the house. Sai tells when everyone will find out that you didn’t let your wife enter this house won’t it be an insult to the family. Ninad and Omkar insult Sai. Ashwini tells why did you take such a big step? Sai tells I did not do anything wrong and my heart knows whatever I did is absolutely right. Virat tells I regret trusting you for giving you so many chances but now I won’t let you enter this house and asks her to leave the house forever.

Virat tells Sai you broke my trust. Sai tells Virat to trust her that Pulkit is not a fraud. Virat tells I proved him a fraud before going to training. Sai tells Pulkit is honest. Sai tells you don’t know anything,she remembers Pulkit asking her to promise that she won’t tell Virat anything about his promise. Virat tells my decision is Sai Joshi won’t enter Chavan Nivas and asks Sai to take Usha with her.

Ashwini tries to stop Virat but he silences her. Sai tells so are you sending me out of the house? Virat tells you always wanted to leave this house so I am giving you permission. Pakhi tells Sai was doing the drama of leaving the house just to gain your attention. Why would Sai want to go back to Gadchiroli after enjoying the riches of this house? Sai tells Pakhi not to talk in between Virat and her because it is the matter of a husband and wife.

Sai tells Pakhi that I will answer you or will you read it from my mind because it seems you can read it? Pakhi tells girls like you are selfish and they care only about their gain. Sai tells Pakhi you are selfish so I may seem selfish to you. She asks Pakhi what has she done for anyone other than herself? Bhavani tells no need to waste time arguing with her. Ninad tells today I am proud because Virat is behaving like a true Chavan and punishing his wife for her mistake. He tells if Sai wants to stays in this house she has to agree to one condition of mine and apologize to every member of this house and complaint against Pulkit and bring Devyani back into this house. Sai tells I have no regret for what I did and why should I apologize when I didn’t do anything wrong?

Bhavani tells we gave her enough chances and tells Sai to leave. Mohit tells Virat to at least listen to Sai once. Virat tells Sai won’t stay in this house. The episode ends with Sai telling she won’t apologize at any cost.

Precap – Sai gathers crowd outside Chavan Nivas and tells the people of Chavan Nivas create such a scene. She tells she was thrown out of the house but she doesn’t care about that,she prays that nothing wrong happens to Devyani.

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Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 12th April 2021 Written Update: Virat decides not to let Sai enter the house.

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