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Episode starts with Harini coming to Chavan Nivas and she gets excited seeing all the decorations. Harini asks about the cake. Virat says he ordered a huge cake. He calls her princess. Ninad makes fun of her. Virat thinks Sai will like the decorations. In the evening everyone gets ready and compliment each other.

Ashwini says but for whom they got dressed up why she didn’t come yet? Virat says she will come soon. Virat imitates Sai and says what she did in morning and how she was trying to remind him of her birthday but he fooled her by his acting. Ashwini tells Virat that he started understanding his wife. Ninad says he won’t join in the party.

Virat says Sai will get upset if Ninad does that. Can’t he just stand and make her feel special for one day. Sonali says Sai welcomes trouble but we are always ready to make her happy. Bhavani says if she had idea they have to spend this much money to make the arrangements then she would have made food for everyone. Ashwini says she first ate Bhavani’s cooked food when she first entered the house.

Pulkit says he also loves Bhavani’s cooking. He would love to eat one day. Devyani gets hyper seeing Bhavani quite. She says why is she not saying yes to Pulkit. Why can’t she make food for him. Bhavani agrees. It’s shown that Pakhi got headache that’s why she doesn’t want to join them. Sonali takes side of her saying noone will question Pakhi, she is really sick. Sai enters and wonders why darkness everywhere. Virat turns on the light and starts singing song for Sai.

Everyone in the family starts singing to surprise her. Sai gets overwhelmed and hugs everyone after that. Virat says Chavans made all these preparations for her. But she is angry that Virat fooled her. Virat says he also knows how to do drama not just Sai. Later they wish happy birthday to her.

Pakhi observes everything from second floor. She gets irked. Devyani tells Sai to touch her feet to tease her. Sai says means everyone was acting at dining table yesterday. She thought noone had idea about her birthday. Bhavani says it’s true. They didn’t know, Virat told them about her birthday. Virat says more surprises are waiting for Sai, it was just a trailer, he blindfolds her and takes her to room. Pakhi sees them and gets angry.

Precap – Sai forces Pakhi to join in cake cutting but the latter pushes Sai by mistake and Sai gets hurt and bleeds.

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