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The episode starts with Shivani telling today everyone is feeling for Devyani but we all know how she was being treated inside closed room. Ashwini tells Sai to apologize. Sai tells let me see IPS Virat Chavan an ideal officer who brought me here to fulfil his promise will close the door on my face. Sai tells Virat if you asked me to leave even once. Virat tells her to do whatever she wants. Sai tells Virat that Pulkit wanted only one thing that is Devyani’s love and support. Sai challenges Virat to prove Pulkit fraud and she will wear a garland of Virat’s shoes. Virat tell he will prove Pulkit fraud and closes the door on Sai’s face. Ashwini tells Virat have you gone mad? Is this how you behave with your wife? Virat tells Sai won’t step in this house after today.

Ashwini tells is this my upbringing? Virat tells Sai should be glad that I gave her such little punishment for ruining my sister’s life. He tells everyone to listen carefully that he is breaking all his relation with Sai. Virat tells Sai was a bad dream and the dream is over. Pakhi tells whatever happened today is a result of Sai’s own mistake. Usha tells Sai that Virat left his responsibility today. Sai tells I don’t care,I wanted to return Devyani’s happiness and I did it.

Devyani enters Pulkit’s house completing all the rituals. She tells now I can do whatever I want and no one will scold me. Pulkit thanks Sai and wonders how she will face all the difficulties alone. Devyani prays to God for Sai. Pulkit tells Devyani now no one is going to separate us. Usha asks Sai what are you thinking? Sai tells Usha to stay silent for some time. Usha tells Sai let us go back to Gadchiroli. Virat remembers about his holi with Sai and gets emotional. Virat tells whenever I feel we are getting close you increase the distance between us.

Virat starts crying. Pakhi tells I can understand how you are feeling. Virat tells he doesn’t want to talk about whatever happened today. Pakhi tells I thought you maybe worried about Sai. Virat tells if Sai doesn’t care about my decision why should I worry about her. Pakhi tells Sai and Usha are still waiting outside the house. She tells Sai doesn’t listen to anyone other than her stubbornness. Virat tells Pakhi to stop talking about Sai.

Pakhi tells I cannot understand one thing why does Ashwini keep supporting Sai? Virat gets furious and shouts at Sai and warns her not to speak another word about his mother. Virat tells my mother cannot think wrong about anyone. Pakhi tells I will bring food for us here in your room. Virat tells her to put the food on dining table he will join her there.

Ashwini tells Sai that I cannot see you both hungry and asks Sai are you upset with me too? Usha tells Sai is sitting silent since then. Sai tells Ashwini why did she come here? Do you think we are beggars from road that you brought food for us hiding from everyone. Ashwini tells I am your mother and I have came to feed my daughter. Sai tells I am not even going to drink water of this house. The episode ends with Bhavani watching Ashwini trying to feed Sai.

Precap – Sai will gather crowd outside Chavan Nivas and she tells she isn’t worried abo herself but she prays for Devyani that they cannot do any injustice to her in future.

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