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The episode starts with Virat telling Sai that if she wants then only he will stay near her to take care of her. Then he ask her to take medicine to get well soon as she became very weak after the accident. He says that when he will get chance to hear her voice. He says that he decided not to meet her but when she asked herself to come then only he came, he says shall he leave now, Sai holds his hand and makes him sit. He gives her the medicine, she takes it. Virat takes care of Sai even more then before.

Ashwini ask Chavan what had happened as all of them are watching Sai then she sees Virat and Sai together she is happy and says that God has listened to her prayers. Mansi tells Ashwini that Bhawani went to temple for Sai, she thanked her and told that she prayed for her Bahu. Bhawani says that she is her Bahu also. Virat is combing Sai hair, he says that he will be careful while combing. Everyone sees them and says how loving couple they are. Ashwini tells that when she use to be sick Virat use to comb her hair. Shivani ask Samrat if he knows how to comb your wife hair. Palkhi saya that what she wants her to be in hospital like Sai too. Samrat saya that Shivani is just saying that to light the moment. Palkhi saya that she just came here to give bouquet to Sai. Palkhi saya that she will keep the bouquet between Sai and Virat so they will feel her presence.

When Virat is combing her hair Sai gets flash back of her father how he use to comb her hair, she gets emotional. Virat saya if she doesn’t like then he will sit in the corner and leave the room. Sai holds his hand and stops him. Ninad praises Palkhi and says that to understand Sai is not easy as at first she seems rude but that’s her self respect. Shivani says that she is proud ofbhim as he accepted his mistake. Samrat saya that now it’s very late they all should leave. Palkhi saya that she will stay here with Samrat and return back with him. Omkar gets up and says let’s go everything is done.

Virat ask Sai is she remembering her father, he use to do comb her hair too. He ask her whose combing is better her father’s of his. He ask her and clicks her photo and shows her. Sai gets emotional, they both clicks photo together. Samrat saya that he is going to meet doctor, she can go and meet Sai. Samrat praises him that she bought flowere for Sai, he saya that Sai will like that she came to meet her. Virat keeps asking Sai how is his combing.

Samrat ask doctor what’s the issue why Sai is not speaking. Pulkit saya that she was suffocating, it became like mental blockage and now after the accident and trauma she is not able to speak. Samrat says that Virat didn’t know anything about it. He doubts whether Sai can never speak. Pulkit confirm him that this will never happen he will arrange beat of the best doctors for her, he says that Sai is like sister to her.

Palkhi comes to meet Sai and Virat. Sai removes her hand from Virat’s hand when she sees Palkhi. Virat holds her hand again, Palkhi ask about Sai health. Palkhi says that Sai neede Virat as she got up after he met. Virat ask her whether she wants to know Sai condition or his. Palkhi says that from when Sai is in hospital he didn’t came to house, is he fine? Virat ask her to leave

Precap- Virat suddenly gets up as Sai started taunting him and speaks alot with him. He tells her that he feels so good seeing her talking.

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Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 13th October 2021 Written Update: Chavans are happy to see Virat and Sai together