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The episode starts with Sai talking about Devyani and Pulkit. She thinks of calling them for lunch. Virat says but right now family won’t agree for this. We should drop this idea. Sai says I brought them together so it’s my responsibility to perform the rituals. You don’t worry I’ll manage. As long as I am here let me fix things. Virat says things can go wrong. Sai wears Virat’s police hat and says I am police officer’s daughter and a brave police officer’s wife. I am not scared of all this. Virat smiles. Virat says still we can think something different. Sai says tomorrow is Sunday, we can invite them. Virat says can we take the guarantee that Chavans won’t insult them? Sai says we need to take care of that. Virat says but we have to make many dishes for them.

Sai says she will manage only Devyani and Pulkit are coming. Also what if I go back to hostel in next week. I won’t be able to finish the rituals. Virat gets upset. Virat asks if Sai leaves who will take care of him. He further says I’ll miss you tomorrow when you will be making food. Sai teases him by caressing his hair and says Aww! I am thinking to give responsibility to someone else who won’t leave your side ever. She hints at Pakhi. Virat says I saw your jealousy. Sai says I am not jealous of Pakhi. Virat says I am talking about nurse. They share a laugh. Virat says he knows Sai knows multitasking, Sai pulls his cheek and calls him good boy.

Bhavani goes to Pakhi’s room. Bhavani tells her not to get upset. she tells her to have good. Sonali says to Pakhi we are here for you, we know Sai is only acting to look after Virat. Why are you being upset. Pakhi says she is disappointed because of Virat’s actions. Sonali and Bhavani provoke Pakhi saying Virat is in Sai’s control. Soon they will separate Virat and Sai. Bhavani suggests Pakhi to make Virat’s favorite dishes on Sunday to clear their misunderstandings. So that their bond gets stronger. Pakhi looks on.

Devyani says she wants to feed Harini. Pulkit stops her and says Madhuri already fed her. Devyani feels disappointed and He requests her to have food for his sake. Devyani eats. Sai phones Pulkit to invite them for ritual. Pulkit gets happy to know that Sai is in Chavan Nivas with Virat. Sai says she is here for limited time. Pulkit later says Sai already did so much for them. What’s the need of this ritual. Devyani hears Sai’s name and gets excited. Devyani denies to go to Chavan Nivas thinking her mom can be there. But afterwards she agrees learning Sai is there so she will stop Devyani’s mother.

Virat comes out of washroom and sees Sai is making list for ritual. Sai says she will pay money as she already brought her father’s pension money. Virat says Devyani and Pulkit belong to this house. I never did anything for Devyani so I want to bear the expenses of the ritual. Sai and Virat get into cute fight. Virat teases her. Sai says Virat is eagerly waiting for her to go to hostel. Virat says you only said that. I don’t want to listen to anything. Take money from my wallet and give the list to Mohit. You wont spend money. Virat lies on bed. Sai gives him head massage. Virat says you wont be there for me always. Virat falls asleep.

Precap- Sai tells Chavans the guests names she won’t reveal. Bhavani and Ninad say even Virat’s mission was not that secretive like Sai’s guest drama. Sai opens the door and tells everyone to smile.