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Episode starts with Virat explaining that Omkar offered money to college staff to exchange the documents. Bhavani thinks this Omkar will confess his crime that she only told Omkar to give money to staff. Virat shouts at Omkar saying why Omkar did it? How could he stoop so low? If that staff wouldn’t have clicked a picture of him he wouldn’t have learnt his true colors. Bhavani gets scared. She signals Ninad. Ninad asks Omkar is this true? Karishma asks Omkar why he gave bribe to staff ? Bhavani starts her drama saying they have reputation in the society , how did he forget everything? Omkar reveals he didn’t want Devyani to get married to Pulkit. Pulkit’s father was servant here. He couldn’t tolerate that. Virat says you knew Sai is honest , Pulkit didn’t do anything. Still you kept quiet.

Sai was trying to tell the truth before leaving as well. She told about one letter. Virat asks who wrote the letter. Pakhi thinks she can get caught. Bhavani puts the blame on Omkar saying he only wrote the letter if he can give bribe to staff, writing letter is not impossible for him. Karishma cries saying she is ashamed of him. Mohit gets shocked and says Omkar used to teach good things to him but he himself committed crime. Ashwini says she can’t believe that Omkar deceived everyone like that. Sai suffered because of him. Sai must be feeling very bad. Aish tells Omkar if you have shame you will bring back Sai.

Sai misses her father and cries recalling their moments. She wishes to eat modak made by her father. But kid gives her full plate of modak made by Usha. Sai refuses to eat. Usha thinks when will Virat get to know about the truth.

Omkar defends himself saying he wanted Devyani’s well being so he did that. Virat says in order to safeguard Devyani he put the blame on another innocent person. Ninad tells Virat to forget that whole matter. Virat says he is police officer, he has to arrest Omkar for his crime. Karishma pleads saying don’t arrest my husband. Bhavani tells Virat won’t take such a big step.

Virat says because of Omkar he misunderstood Pulkit, he wanted put him behind bars. Its not a small thing. Bhavani tells Omkar didn’t even share anything with Ninad? Ninad acts as if he had no idea. Virat says Devyani looked so happy with Pulkit. He never saw her this much happy. Bhavani says I am experienced, people change their mind all the time. After a certain time Pulkit will throw Devyani out. Ashwini says Sai noticed love in Pulkit’s eyes. Why Bhavani can’t understand the simple thing that Pulkit won’t deceive Devyani.

Bhavani says she is Devyani’s mother. She can worry for her. Pakhi says maybe Pulkit will forget his love for Devyani with time. He can refuse to take her responsibilities. Virat says to Pakhi he doesn’t need her opinion. She doesn’t need to poke her nose in every family matter. Pakhi gets offended and says from now on she won’t interfere in family matters. Ninad says Pakhi has the right to share her opinion she is Badi bahu. Virat says after all your discussions the truth will remain the same. It won’t change. Chavans look shocked.

Precap- Virat meets Sai and apologises to her. Sai looks at him strangely.

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