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Episode starts with a disheartened Kamal thinking he won’t spare Jagtap. A car comes his way, Kale pushes him to side to save him. Kamal cries and says I am unable to save my Sai, what all that Jagtap must be doing to Sai? Kamal cries. Here, Jagtap brings Sai to their carrom place. They make Sai sit on a chair. Sai is trying to kick but Jagtap holds his legs. They tie up Sai’s legs and hands. Sai tries to take them off. Jagtap laughs with his guys how Sai is looking cute.

Jagtap says you are too energetic lioness I can see. Jagtap goes near Sai, she hits his head from hers. Jagtap sits and then laughs. He says I will tell you one personal thing, his guys look here and there to give them privacy. Jagtap says save this energy as tomorrow you will be needing double this energy as we have our suhagraat. Jagtap laughs and then they all leave. Sai cries for Kamal.

Here, Samrat is being put a face mask by Shivani to enhance his beauty. Virat comes and says good good, this way he will look as Dulha. Samrat says what do you mean look, I am Dulha. Everyone laughs. Virat also applies the mask to Samrat’s face. Mohit brings Sherwanis. Karishma asks why two. Mohit shows two Sherwanis.

One is for Samrat and other for Virat. Karishma asks why two same sherwanis. Samrat says we both are Jiva and Shiva, how can we wear different, and afterall next turn to become groom is of Virat. Virat and Sunny feel awkward. Karishma says but I have never seen any of you wear red before. Samrat says it’s not mine but someone’s favourite colour. Everyone asks whom? Samrat says Pakhi’s. Everyone teases him how he knows about his wife’s likes and dislikes from now only. Virat feels sad. Virat remembers all the moments in Sangeet where Pakhi was with Samrat but looked at him only. Karishma says what will happen if Pakhi puts garland by mistake on Virat. Everyone laughs except for Virat and Sunny.

Virat says I have pain and goes. Sunny follows. Virat comes to balcony and as soon as Sunny comes he hides his face. Sunny says till when will you hide your face and feelings. He asks Sunny to go. They both go to Virat’s room. Sunny tells him how it’s important to make matter clear as you love a girl and she loves you then this sacrifice will just destroy 3 lives.

Virat cries. Sunny says okay, if you won’t then I will tell Samrat. Virat says you will do nothing. Sunny says then you go and say. Virat says I can’t tell anything to Samrat. Samrat comes from behind and says what can’t you tell me Virat? He sees Virat’s face. Sunny says I will tell you. Sunny makes him sit and says Virat is preparing something special for his Jiva’s wedding so that’s why he doesn’t want to tell. Samrat gives no reaction, Sunny felt Samrat is not accepting it. Samrat then laughs. He comes to Virat and hugs him tightly and says you can tell me anything you want to always. Virat is all teary.

Here, gauri pooja is being done in Pakhi’s house. Pandit ji is doing puja. During the end of the puja, Pandit ji asks Pakhi to take lord Shiva’s name. Pakhi remembers how Samrat calls Virat as Shiva and takes the name Shiva. The puja ends and she takes blessings.

Everyone goes. Sailesh comes to Pakhi and says every dad is sad during his daughters wedding but I am so sad because I know my daughter is not happy, and I am unable to do anything. Sailesh says it’s your last time to turn your back to this marriage, tell me now if you want that. Vaishali says what are you saying, gauri puja is also done. Sailesh says I want to only hear from Pakhi. Sailesh asks him you won’t be able to do this marriage, I feel. Pakhi says no, I can. Sailesh says but everytime you will have to face Virat.

Pakhi says yes, atleast I will see Virat and be able to keep him as friends as he has promised me if I marry, he will always be with me as friends and will never let anyone come in his life. Sailesh says this doesn’t work, at some point he will then what will you do, this is madness. Pakhi says love’s second name is madness. Sailesb says people who keep their feet in two different boats they always drown. Pakhi says I am not on two boats, I am in one boat only the other one is the sea bank, no matter where I go, what I do, Virat’s memories will stay with me forever.

Here Sai tries to escape but fails. Jagtap comes with some parlour girls and asks them to mAke Sai ready. Sai says don’t touch me. Jagtap says if they won’t then will it happen automatically?

Jagtap says get ready like me, our wedding will be different as Dulhan will be tied to chair and I will take phere by carrying this Chair because Sai is PT Usha, she is good at running. Sai screams and Jagtap feels irritated and he shouts don’t scream. Jagtap says my hands are not in my control always, you want them to love you or slap you. Jagtap warns Sai not to cry or else he will not leave Kamal alive. Jagtap goes and asks the parlour girls to make Sai ready. There Kamal and Usha are sad. Kamal says I failed as a father and policeman.

As a policeman I should protect public but I couldn’t protect my daughter neither as policeman nor as a father. Kamal gets a call from Kale, he informs Kamal that two jeeps have just left Vithal’s house, one is packed with wedding items and other with goons with automated weapons. Kamal says you don’t worry just keep a track of them , I am arranging something. Call ends. Usha comes and says I know someone you can ask help from. Kamal says who? Usha says ACP Virat. Kamal thinks about Virat.

Episode ends.

Precap – Baarat comes to Pakhi’s place. Vaishali does Samrat’s swagat. Virat’s family ask Sailesh why they all look so low and off. Vaishali says really nothing like that. Vaishali then asks Neha to ask Samrat to say some phrase for Pakhi. Samrat couldn’t think of anything so he asks Virat to say. The marriage starts.