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Devyani tells they will kill me if I go with Pulkit. Pulkit tells I will return soon,I have another reason of not taking her with me today. I married her hiding from everyone and Devyani had a dream of grand wedding. It was not possible at that time but now I will fulfil her dream and marry her in front of the entire world. Virat tell he is glad that Pulkit cares so much about Devyani. Virat tells what this family did for Devyani did no good to her so let us let Devyani listen to herself.

Bhavani tells no need to be happy. Ninad ask where were you from so many years? Sonali says he may have some need that is why he is here. Pulkit tells I would have never found out that Devyani is waiting for me if Sai didn’t tell me. Pulkit asks Bhavani should I tell everyone what you did with me and Devyani?

Shivani tells don’t trust Bhavani and my brothers. Mansi tells Pulkit to take his wife with her. Pulkit promises to return for Devyani. Devyani is happy and dances around with Pulkit. She asks if he will return soon? Pulkit tells if he looses her again he won’t be able to leave. He tells he will return soon and take Devyani with him.

Sai takes Devyani inside with her. She tells Devyani not to cry and gives her water to drink. Devyani looks in mirror and thanks Sai for making her so beautiful. She says she had no idea her husband was coming but now she is going to be a bride. Sai tells I am going to dance a lot in your marriage. She gets emotional remembering her father’s wish to dance in her marriage. Devyani asks Sai not to cry and fulfil her father’s dream in her marriage. Devyani tells you are like my father,sometimes you scold me but you love me a lot.

Sai tells I will bring beautiful saree for you. Devyani asks what if my bad mother doesn’t let me marry this time too? Sai tells her you are not alone,this time your brothers are with you. Devyani tells yes Virat is a policemen and if Bhavani interferes we will send her to prison. Sai decides she won’t let any difficulties to come in Pulkit and Devyani’s marriage.

Bhavani apologizes to Pakhi for shouting on her in front of everyone. Pakhi tells elders should give blessing not apologize. She tells I had no idea why Pulkit was here. Bhavani tells you might have many questions in your mind?

Pakhi tells I trust you completely and any decision you took is for this family’s good. Bhavani tells Sai brought that Pulkit in this house and reopened the past. She tells Pakhi only you can save Chavan family’s prestige. Bhavani tells you should know the truth before deciding what you can do. She tells Nagesh Chavan was a very generous man,he brought our servants orphan son home and took all his responsibilities.

Bhavani tells he stayed with us,we educated him but we had no idea he was going to bite us only. In greed of money he dreamt of becoming this family’s son-in-law. Devyani used to stay in hostel and they fell in love with each other. When I found out Devyani was pregnant and she couldn’t be aborted so I got her delivered in a hospital and the child is in orphanage.

Ninad tells Sai why do you interfere in every matter? Sai tells Devyani is a member of my family. Virat tells baba first tell me why does no one know that Devyani is married? He asks don’t you think we are all responsible for Devyani’s present condition.

Ninad tells what matter now is to save Devyani from Pulkit. Sai tells Pulkit is not a scoundrel and it is his right to take Devyani with him. She tells I don’t know about Devyani’s past but I won’t let anything bad happen to her in future. Virat supports Sai.