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Bhavani tells I told Pulkit that Devyani gave a still birth. After that incident Devyani’s condition worsened,after that we lied to him that Devyani got married and will never return to Nagpur. Pakhi asks what do you want from me? How can I help you? Bhavani tells Virat gives a lot of importance to you. He will definitely listen to you,you try to explain that Pulkit might have some evil motive.

Bhavani tells Pakhi we have to stop the marriage anyhow. Pulkit maybe a doctor and professor but for me he will always be a servant. Pakhi tells I will try. Bhavani tells Sai brought Pulkit to this house after so many years and snatched this family’s happiness.

Sai tells Pakhi it is not a good thing to criticize people behind their back. She tells criticizing and being criticized both are paap. Sai tells I am trying to return Devyani’s happiness to her which you snatched from her kaku. Bhavani tells till she is alive,this marriage won’t take place. Pakhi tells it is no use arguing with Sai.

Ashwini comes and calls all of them downstairs for prayer. Pakhi is about to sit near Virat for the prayer but Ashwini stops her. Sonali asks whats wrong in that? Ashwini tells it is Mahashivratri’s prayer so Virat’s wife should sit with him.

Bhavani tells where is she when all family members are here. Sai brings Devyani down and tells all members are here now. Devyani says I will keep quiet so please let me sit in the prayer. Sai tells God has given his blessings to Devyani on Mahashivratri so who are you to stop her from taking part in pooja?

Ninad asks Sai if she has pledged to go against Bhavani always? Omkar tells Bhavani is the eldest in this house and if she has said something,she might have thought something. Sai tells where was Bhavani’s thinking when she lied to everyone and separated Devyani and Pulkit. She tells it is Mahadev’s blessings that Pulkit sir met me in temple in today.

It is Devyani’s right to pray for her and her husband’s new life. Ashwini tells to let Devyani take part in prayer. Virat says what is wrong in Devyani taking part in pooja? He tells Devyani is a part of this family and she will participate in this prayer like all of us.

Sai tells Devyani not to be afraid of anyone,Virat is there to support her. Devyani tells Sai I won’t sit in between you and Virat. In today’s marriage husband and wife sit together so how can I separate you from you husband? Virat and Sai begin the prayer.

Virat is ironing his clothes when Sai brings prasad and food for him. Virat holds Sai’s hand and thanks Sai,he said what you did for Devyani none of us could do. Virat remembers holding Sai’s hand and hurting her so he leaves her hand. Sai puts her hands back in Virat’s hand and tells you can hold my hand for good things and they stare at each other holding hands.

Sai asks why didn’t you think before me that Devyani was married? Virat tells when all of this happened I was in academy and when I returned they all told me that someone broke Devyani’s heart so her condition is like this.

Bhavani told me that if I questioned Devyani her condition would have worsened. Virat tells he wishes he should have questioned Devyani. Sai tells I forgot to tell you an important thing that Pulkit sir and Devyani have a daughter.