With the unexpected marriage of Virat and Sai and Pakhi witnessing it. Now it’s turn for Chavan family to show some drama about the marriage. As we have seen Chavan family, specially Bhavani not accepting Sai as the daughter in law of the house. With majority of them against, we will see Pakhi taking a stand for Sai as she feels no girl should be humiliated. Ashwini and Shivani will also be in support of Sai. Ninand will try to stop Ashwini to raise her voice against Bhavani but she will say that she understands Virat and he never lies so she will support this marriage.

With Bhavani calling low names for Usha and Sai and Kamal. Sai will be hurt badly but Virat will try his level best to protect her and Usha. Going against Bhavani, Ashwini will decide to make a proper entry arrangement for Sai. Devyani will come and say be aware of Pakhi, she loves your husband, or else Virat will be like his dad who listens to his bhabhi more. Devyani will also emphasis on how Pakhi did entry wrongfully and now her husband is missing. With all this additional drama it will be interesting to watch if Pakhi will remain in Sai’s side forever.

Then in upcoming episodes, we will see how Virat will give company to Pakhi. Who will question Virat what place does she holds in his life? Sai will overhear this

With so many allegations on Virat and Sai, will Sai be able to win everyone? Will the family together conspire against Sai? What is store for Virat and Pakhi? Follow Tellyexpress for latest and interesting updates.