With the unexpected marriage of Virat and Sai and Pakhi witnessing it. Now it’s turn for Chavan family to show some drama about the marriage. Chavan family, as we all know is a reputed family who is ruled by Bhavani. With everyone coming home, Bhavani is all pumped up to welcome Virat but she will get a big time shocker.

When everyone will be about to enter the house. Karishma will say Sai is Virat’s wife. Bhavani will get furious and won’t believe but Mohit will say it’s true. Bhavani will ask Virat to take this girl away as she can’t accept her at all. Virat tries to tell everyone how Kamal saved his life and after him Sai was not safe. Ninand says you could have arranged special security, you are ACP. Virat tries to explain everyone how it was his duty but Ninand will say you could have done something else but you married her because you wanted to. Virat will feel helpless that no one is understanding him , while he expected it from Ninand. Sonali will taunt how everyone scolded Mohit but Virat did same thing. Mansi will taunt saying Samrat is missing here and you got married. Virat will feel miserable.

Then in upcoming episodes, we will see how Ashwini will play the role of angel and support this marriage and says she will accept this marriage.

With so many allegations on Virat and Sai, will Sai be able to win everyone? Who will make Virat comfortable? Will the family together conspire against Sai? Will Ashwini protect and Virat and Sai? Follow Tellyexpress for latest and interesting updates.