Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin

With Virat and Sai’s marriage, bigger twists are yet to come. The high voltage drama will be when Pakhi will witness this wedding and will be broken from inside. Sai and Virat will be in process of some ritual but Sai will say you go and talk to Pakhi and your family, they might be hurt, you should go, I will do the ritual. Virat says I don’t leave my duty in middle I wont go. Sai says I am glad you didn’t lie and told me about your promises, I promise you today, I will never come inbetween you and your promises. They do the ritual and Virat goes to Pakhi and others. Sunny says what is all this? Virat says I had given my words to Sai’s dad and Sai’s life was in danger here so had to marry her.

Pakhi and Virat go alone to talk. Pakhi says from day 1 I heard Sai, Sai, Sai and now you cheated me for her. Virat says neither I broke my promise, neither I cheated. Pakhi is not ready to listen at all. Karishma stops Mohit from calling home as she wants to see the reaction of everyone.

In upcoming episode we will see, how everyone is going in a car, Sunny applies sudden brake and Virat saves Sai from getting hurt. Pakhi watches this and becomes hurt.

Will Pakhi ever accept Sai? What hurdles will Pakhi create for Sai? How will the Chavan family react to this marriage? All this will be interesting to watch. Stay tuned to Tellyexpress.