With the real drama starting now with Sai entering Chavan house. It will be fun to see how the whole family reacts to this change. No matter what happens, Shivani, Ashwini and Virat will be Sai’s constant support. With Sai’s grah pravesh done right, the new phase of Sai starts.

Though not everyone showers blessing on Sai, but still Sai thinks it’s her priority to focus on her studies first. Karishma pretends to be Sai’s friend saying they are almost of same age. Karishma tries to be friendly by saying I will teach you how to handle which family member and be aware of Pakhi. But Sai will say how she is capable of figuring things out herself and will look after herself. Ashwini comes to feed Sai and they form a mother daughter connection. Sai feels happy to get a mother in Ashwini. Ashwini gives her words to Sai that no matter what will happen, she will make sure Sai is okay and she becomes a doctor.

In upcoming episodes, we will see how Pakhi will question her place in Virat’s life, which will be overheard by Sai.

The drama is still not seeing any happy track as Bhavani has still not accepted this wedding and with Ninand and Omi trying to make her eat, she is very angry. It will br interesting to see what Bhavani does and which all family members are truely with Sai.

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