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After enjoying a week of Holi romance between Virat and Sai the viewers are now eagerly waiting for the fight between Virat and Sai to get over.

Ashwini tells they all can send Sai out of this house but not from her thoughts. Sai says in this house only Ashwini cares about her. Virat asks Pakhi what’s wrong? Pakhi tells Sai has gathered everyone outside the house. Sai asks the neighbors to tell if she was wrong? Virat comes out with everyone. Sai tells he learned everything and still he believed in a letter without any address and made his decision. She tells Virat hasn’t accepted defeat and he still wants to separate Devyani and Pulkit. Sai tells everyone to ask Virat what prove does he have?

The neighbors say they thought Chavans are an educated family but their truth is out today. Bhavani says, “you know us since so many years”. Virat tells no need to give any explanation to them and asks the neighbors not to interfere in his personal matter. He tells Sai is mental and she needs medical treatment. Pakhi holds Virat’s hand and asks him to come inside. Sai says, “Pakhi doesn’t a leave a chance a to hold my husband’s hand. She should be worried about her husband but she is always thinking about my husband”.

Sai tells none of this is for her, she wanted to return Devyani’s husband and house to her and now she has their blessing so her work is done. Sai tells Virat that letter was written by someone from his family. She makes Vinayak confess and he tells one man gave him money to change Pulkit’s wife’s name. The dean tells Vinayak to bring Pulkit’s original document. The episode ends with Virat reaching Sai’s college.

In the upcoming episode, Virat will hold Vinayak by his collar and asks him to tell who told him to change the documents. Vinayak will show a picture of Omkar to Virat.

What will Virat do after finding out about Omkar?

Will Virat apologize to Sai?

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