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The viewers are waiting for marriage just as eagerly as Devyani is waiting for her Pulkit. How much more difficulties will she have to face before she can finally unite with her husband?

Sai tells Virat that Pulkit and Devyani has a daughter Harini. Virat is shocked to know about this.Virat tells I think we should keep things very simple or else family members could feel bad.

Virat asks to be Sai’s friend but she denies and tells she is going to leave this house once her education is complete.Devyani and Mohit dances on songs excited for her marriage. Karishma taunts Mohit for not finding a job.

Bhavani tells Devyani that Pulkit lied to you and he is going to cheat you. Devyani tells you are a liar,you lied earlier too and you are lying now. She tells I will not call you in my marriage. She tells Pulkit is not a cheater,you are a cheater.

Mohit tells none of us has the right to stop Devyani’s marriage.Bhavani tells Sai is keeping this family’s son in her control. Sai tells Bhavani that you are my inspiration,just like you kept Ninad and Omkar in your control since so many years.

Sai tells Pakhi that she is blinded by her hatred for her. She cannot see what is happening in front of her. You just consider that whatever Sai says is wrong. Bhavani tells Pakhi she has to talk to Virat and stop this marriage at any cost.
In the upcoming episode we will see Bhavani and Ninad throwing gifts sent by Pulkit for Devyani. Sai threatens them to pick up the gifts and give it to Devyani or else she is going to do something that they won’t like at all.

What is going to be Sai’s next step?

Will Pakhi be successful in her plan?

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