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After Devyani and Pulkit’s marriage everyone is furious at Sai and the viewers are eager to know how Sai will gain Virat’s trust again?

In the current track, we have seen Virat telling he isn’t going to listen to any explanation from Sai for what she did. Pakhi instigates Virat against Sai. Virat tells he didn’t have enough evidence to stop the marriage. Bhavani blames Ashwini for Sai’s actions. Shivani tells maybe we should listen to Sai’s explanation first. Virat locks the door and tells Sai won’t step inside this house now. Ashwini tells Virat before deciding anything he should listen to Sai atleast once. Pakhi tells you are supporting Sai even after all this? Ashwini tells Pakhi to stop spitting poison against Sai. Virat tells Ashwini to stop trusting Sai,he tells no one will take Sai’s name in Chavan Nivas.

Virat says there is no place for Sai in my heart or my house. He asks Pakhi to bring the letter of Sangita Deshpande that he gave her. Bhavani tells Sai burned that letter. Ashwini asks if anyone saw Sai burning the evidence? Why are you all blaming her?
Shivani tells Pakhi that you hate Sai so you cannot see anything good inside her. Mohit tells even today we are not against Sai. Sai rings the bell again and Virat tells no one is going to open the door. The episode ends with Sai standing outside Chavan Nivas.

In the upcoming episode Sai will gather crowd outside Chavan Nivas. Sai will say the people who did injustice with their own daughter, Devyani deserves this drama. Virat will tell Sai that she is crossing her limits and the result of this won’t be good, Sai will reply that she isn’t worried about herself but she is doing this so that people of Chavan Nivas cannot do anymore injustice with Devyani in future.

How will Sai win Virat’s trust back?

Will Virat investigate and find out Pulkit’s truth?

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