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Finally the true story of past has been spilled and the viewers are excited to watch the drama unfold when this story comes out in front of everyone.

Bhavani tells I told Pulkit that Devyani gave a still birth. After that incident Devyani’s condition worsened, after that we lied to him that Devyani got married and will never return to Nagpur. Bhavani asks Pakhi to try and explain to Virat that Pulkit might have some evil motive.

Bhavani tells Pakhi we have to stop the marriage anyhow. Pulkit maybe a doctor and professor but for me he will always be a servant’s son.

Sai tells where was Bhavani’s thinking when she lied to everyone and separated Devyani and Pulkit. She tells it is Mahadev’s blessings that Pulkit sir met me in temple in today. It is Devyani’s right to pray for her and her husband’s new life. Virat tells Devyani is a part of this family and she will participate in this prayer like all of us. Sai tells Devyani not to be afraid of anyone, Virat is there to support her.

Virat and Sai share a romantic moment together.Virat tells Sai that Bhavani told him that the reason for Devyani’s condition was heartbreak. Sai says maybe now you know that you should never believe anyone blindly. Sai tells I forgot to tell you an important thing that Pulkit sir and Devyani have a daughter.

In the upcoming episode Sai will bring gifts for Devyani sent by Pulkit. Bhavani and Ninad snatches the gift from her and throws them away and breaks the gifts.

Will Sai manage to convince everyone for Devyani’s marriage?

Will Virat fall in Bhavani and Pakhi’s trap?

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