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The episode starts with Chinmay pulling Shikha into the room and closes the door. Savi calls Shikha but she doesn’t the call. Chinmay takes the phone from Shikha and switches off the phone. Savi couldn’t find Shikha so she leaves from there. Savi waits outside the hotel for Shikha.

Savi sees a bike is about to run over a child. Savi pulls the child to safety. The biker leaves from there. Shikha leaves from there while Savi is distracted with the kid.

Ishaan returns home and sees Savi isn’t in the house so he takes the phone from Shikha and calls her. Savi after talking to Ishaan understands Shikha has returned home. Savi says she is returning home and leaves from there.

Ishaan gives the phone to Shikha. Savi returns home and finds Shikha looking distressed. Savi asks Shikha if she went outside. Shikha says she was inside the house the whole time. Savi thinks Shikha is lying to her. Savi asks Shikha if she is in any kind of problem. Shikha says no. Savi reminds Shikha she is there for her and leaves from there.

Ishaan asks Savi where was she. Savi says she was out preparing for Gudi Padwa. Ishaan says to Savi how disappointed he is with her. Ishaan reminds Savi of the exams and asks Savi to the questions that he gave to her by tomorrow.

The next day, Anvi comes to Savi and Savi is shown to be doing questions given by Ishaan. Anvi invites Savi to come downstairs wearing saree given by Surekha if not Ishaan will be scolded. Savi hearing this agrees to come downstairs. Anvi leaves from there.

Swati gives the saree gifted to Reeva by Surekha saying she should wear this saree as she is going to be the real daughter in law of Bhosle mansion.

Savi prepares for Gudi Padwa. Reeva prepares for Gudi Padwa. Savi recalls about Reeva and feels dejected. Reeva thinks she should not think about Ishaan as he got married to Savi.

Surekha asks Shikha to do the Rangoli. Savi asks Shikha if she can help. Ashmita praises Savi. Shikha invites Savi to do the Rangoli.

Yashwant tries to cheer up Surekha but Surekha comments on Yashwant.

Reeva’s family comes to the Bhosle mansion. Surekha praises Reeva.

Ishaan comes infront of all the guests. Ishaan and Reeva wish happy Gudi Padwa to each other. Ishaan asks Savi what is she doing here. Ishaan reminds Savi he asked her to concentrate on her studies. Savi says she can do both.

Ishaan sees Reeva’s hair got tangled to her blouse and he helps Reeva. Savi looks at Ishaan and Reeva together and feels dejected.

Surekha asks Ishaan and Reeva to do the Gudi Padwa ritual. Ashmita asks Surekha to come to aside.

Ashmita says to Surekha that Ishaan and Savi should do the Gudi Padwa ritual as they are a couple and reminds Surekha how last time she asked Chinmay and Shikha to do the Gudi Padwa ritual and he refused to do it. Ashmita says after that Chinmay has left the house. Ashmita says she doesn’t want Ishaan to leave the house like Chinmay.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Savi expresses her feelings to Ishaan but Ishaan reject’s Savi’s feelings.

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