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The episode starts with Savi saying to Ishaan that she is saying the truth and his favorite students are responsible for her condition and she will take action against them. Ishaan asks why she does ruckus all time. Savi says I know you’re trying to save Durva and Ayush by saying I’m creating ruckus but I don’t leave them. Ishaan says Durva and Ayush? Savi says they are responsible for my condition and don’t act like you don’t know about it. She leaves. Ishaan gets shocked.

Savi returns home. She asks Harini to give her food. Harini gives her food. Savi eats it quickly. Harini asks her what happened. Savi tells how Durva and Ayush ragged her and she says she won’t leave them. Harini says you’re saying they are from the trustee’s family and it’s not good to mess up with him so concentrate on your aim. Kiran asks Harini to give him food. Harini leaves.

Shantanu calls Ishaan and asks if he finds Savi. Ishaan says yes, Savi is locked in a room. Shantanu asks how it happened. Ishaan says some students ragged her. Shantanu asks Ishaan to punish those students. Ishaan says he will punish them. Yashwant asks Shantanu what happened. Shantanu says some students ragged Savi. Yashwant and Nishu say it’s a lie and ragging won’t happen in their college. Shantanu says let’s Ishaan reach the core of the truth.

Durva on call guides her friends to not admit to anyone that they ragged Savi. Avni advises Durva to admit the truth in front of Ishaan. Durva says she won’t and says she misleads everyone with her act. Ishaan returns home and confronts Durva about why she ragged Savi. Everyone comes out hearing Ishaan’s voice. Durva lies to Ishaan and makes Avni support her statement. Ishaan says to Durva that one who is in Savi’s situation won’t lie and if I find any hint against you then I won’t leave you and you need to get punished for it.

Savi talks to her parent’s photo and decides to get Durva and Ayush punished. Surekha goes to Ishaan’s room with milk. She turns on the light. She asks Ishaan why he sits in the dark. She asks him to at least drink milk. Surekha tells Durva might be innocent too. Ishaan says I trust my sister too but I need to know the truth by conducting students meeting. Surekha says it can be Savi’s trap to ruin our college’s reputation. Ishaan says tomorrow he will find the truth and punish the culprit. Later Sureka thinks she needs to save Ishaan. She calls Saate and asks him to take final-year students on the filed trip in the early morning. Saate agrees. Surekha thinks Yashwant will take care of this matter once he returns until then I need to stop Ishaan from reaching the truth.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ashwini calls Savi and asks how is she. Savi says to Ashwini that she is wandering on the street as Harini‚Äôs family is out of town. Ashwini asks about her stay and food. Savi assures that will find some accommodation to stay in and have food in a good restaurant. Savi sees she has only 20 rs left with her and She meets with a car accident and collapses. Ashwini hears Savi’s shout and feels scared. Asmita and Shikha take Savi home. Shika asks Asmita what they have to do. Ashmita says they have to hide Savi until she regains consciousness and then sends her away. Later Savi wakes up and walks out of the room and sees Ishaan there. Ishaan gets surprised to see Savi at his place.

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