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Episode starts with Virat confronting Sai for hiding about Savi’s birthday. He lashes out at her while she replies that she didn’t wanted any drama on her daughter’s special day. She indirectly points at Pakhi’s misbehavior while Virat takes a stand for his wife and proclaims that she can trust a criminal like Jagtap but can’t take risk of telling him and Pakhi about Savi’s birthday? At that time Savi comes there after getting ready in her new birthday dress. She excitedly shows it to her parents while they compliments her. Meanwhile, Virat ask Savi to come along with them to the picnic and proclaims that they will celebrate her birthday on the picnic spot.

Here, Savi holds Sai’s hand and ask her to come along with them. The latter stares at her daughter being emotional while Virat replies that Sai have some important work and so she won’t be able to join them. He assures Savi that they will have lot of fun together and makes her understand that she has already celebrated her birthday with Sai and ask her to come with them.

Savi leaves Sai’s hand unwillingly and goes along with Virat, while the latter breaks down. Pakhi tries to feed juice to Vinayak but he denies to have it and stays sad. Meanwhile, Savi sees Jagtap standing outside the door and questions if he won’t go back to his house? To which Virat makes a mocking comment and states that he will have some important conversation with Sai.

Elsewhere, Jagtap looks at Virat and proclaims that he will never change. He shows sympathy towards Sai and Pakhi. He declares that he don’t know why such great ladies like Sai and Pakhi have chosen to fall in love with Virat. He goes away from there while Virat holds his head being annoyed.

Virat takes Savi to the car and the latter gets inside it. Vinayak gets elated after seeing her and makes her drink the juice. Pakhi gets upset and says that her happiness is always short-lived. She questions Savi that if her mother isn’t coming? To which the latter gets sad and replies negatively. Virat cheers his daughter and proclaims to celebrate her birthday grandly.

Ahead, Pakhi beings several gifts for Savi and makes her wear it. Virat gets elated and video calls his family. Everyone gets surprised learning about Savi’s birthday and ask to bring her home, but Pakhi says that will come after the picnic. Sonali notices that Sai is missing from there and talks about it. Whereas, Ninad and Ashwini starts preparing to celebrate Savi’s birthday party.

Pakhi states that they will celebrate Savi’s birthday on the picnic spot and assures Virat that she have already ordered the cake. She sees his excitement and smiles. He ask her to notice Vinayak’s happiness while she proclaims that she can do anything for it. Meanwhile, Ninad plans for the birthday party and then shares his worry with Ashwini. He proclaims that they will have to call Sai also for the party and states that it can cause problems in Virat and Pakhi’s life.

Further, Ashwini assures Ninad and states that she will herself talk to Pakhi regarding it and will seek her permission to invite Sai. She assures that they will look after Virat and Pakhi’s relationship and then makes Ninad confirm the party planners. Whereas, the bus stops in the middle while Virat questions the driver about it. They all comes out and sees Sai standing on the road with balloons in her hand. Savi gets elated and rushes towards her mother while Virat and Pakhi gets shocked seeing her.

Precap:- Virat enjoys with Savi and Vinayak in the school picnic. He plays with the kids while Pakhi clicks their pictures happily. Meanwhile, Sai smiles staring at them from aside. At that time the teacher ask Pakhi to end their picnic, but the latter states that first they have to cut Savi’s birthday cake. The teacher gathers all the students and they gets excited to celebrate Savi’s birthday. The cake’s cover gets unveiled while everyone gets shocked seeing it to be Sai and Virat’s marriage anniversary cake.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 9th December 2022 Written Update: Jagtap surprises Savi on her birthday