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Episode starts with Virat and Vinayak looking after Savi. The latter gets conscious and looks at Virat. She ask about her mother Sai while he tries to divert her mind and states that the latter is still suffering from fever. He shows his concern towards Savi, while she states that Sai never left her when she was ill and proclaims that she always stays with her all the time. Virat ignores the topic of Sai and states that Savi have to rest to get better. Vinayak and Virat shows their concern towards the latter and also cheers her up by talking about playing together.

Here, Savi gets excited to be with Virat and Vinayak. She ask if Virat will be with her and fulfill her wishes, to which he assures. Meanwhile, Pakhi comes there and witness their conversation. She gets into turmoil, whole Vinayak request her to make some food for Savi. She absent mindedly agrees to him and goes to the kitchen. She keeps thinking about Savi and Virat’s bond.

Pakhi starts preparing the food and gets flashes of Virat’s revelation. She recalls how Virat notified them about Savi being his daughter. She also remembers Virat declaring that he won’t let Sai come near his daughter and proclaims to punish her. He states that he will pamper Savi in order to make her forget about Sai.

Elsewhere, Pakhi mistakenly burns her dupatta while thinking about Virat. At that time Ashwini comes there and gets shocked seeing Pakhi’s state. She immediately throws water on Pakhi’s dress and stops the fire. She shows her worry towards Pakhi while the latter breaks down in front of Ashwini. She shares her tension while Ashwini cries along with Pakhi.

Pakhi states that within some time everything got changed. She recalls how they were celebrating Vinayak’s victory and suddenly Virat dropped the bomb of Savi being his daughter. She gets furious at Sai for hiding the truth from her and states that they all know Sai never lies. She cries thinking about her and Virat’s relationship while Ashwini tries to console her.

Ahead, Sai keeps shouting inside the interrogation room. She proclaims to get Savi back and states that Virat can’t keep her daughter away from her. She keeps shouting at the police officers asking them to let her free. Whereas, Virat and Vinayak prepares a tent for Savi and the latter gets excited after seeing it. Meanwhile, Pakhi gives them food and Vinayak shows his concern after seeing the burned dupatta of Pakhi.

Pakhi makes some excuse while Virat pays no attention towards her. Vinayak also gets involved with Savi and Virat and they plays together. Pakhi goes away from there feeling left out. Meanwhile, Usha comes to Sai and the latter proclaims that she will do anything to get her daughter back. She states that she won’t let Virat gets successful in his plan and recalls all the moments with Savi. She states that Virat can’t snatch her rights on Savi, while Usha states that she should have told Virat about the truth earlier.

Further, Sai keeps shouting inside the interrogation room while the police officers informs Virat about it. He permits Sai to make a call as per her rights while the police officer gives her the phone. Meanwhile, Virat gets Savi checked by a doctor and he assures that she will get fine soon. Virat recalls how Savi helped Vinayak to run the race and proclaims that from there she got the heat stroke. He looks after Savi while the latter gets elated. Pakhi confronts Virat while he decides to tell the truth to Savi.

Precap:- Sai tries to run away from the police station. She gets the gun kept of the table and points at the police officers asking them to stay back. Whereas, Savi questions Virat about her mother and cries asking that why she haven’t talked to her. Pakhi and Ashwini also gets emotional hearing Savi’s request while Virat stays silent. Meanwhile, Sai runs out of the police station and determines to meet Savi.

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