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The episode starts with Savi recalling about Harini’s words asking her to thank Ishaan. Savi thinks why is that? Savi later questions her friends that if Bajirao hasn’t prepared for this suprise party then who prepared for this surprise party. Savi’s friends asks Savi to first eat something. Shantanu asks Savi where is Ishaan? Savi says they don’t know.

Savi tries to call Ishaan but Ishaan doesn’t pick up her call as he is angry with her and driving the car. Shantanu says Ishaan might be busy.
Shantanu asks Shukla to eat food and clean the auditorium after everybody leaves from here. Shukla agrees.

Nishikanth tells Yashwant and Surekha what happened at the college. Nishikanth says Ishaan prepared a grand suprise birthday party for Savi and says Isha also came to that party. Yashwant lashes out hearing that Isha came to that party. Surekha and Yashwant decide to question Ishaan once he returns home.

Savi later overhears Shukla murmuring that Ishaan prepared for all this birthday party but he wasn’t here till the last. Savi tries to call Ishaan but he doesn’t pick up her call.

Savi overhears Durva and Ayush talking about Ishaan preparing a surprise birthday party for Savi. Durva says to Ayush that Ishaan did this suprise party as charity for Savi and says if Ishaan cares for Savi he would have stayed till last. Ayush agrees. Savi gets hurt with Durva’s words.

Shantanu and Isha talk about why has Ishaan left the party in the middle? Isha says to Shantanu that Ishaan might be jealous of Bajirao and reminds Shantanu how much angry Ishaan was when Savi was thanking Bajirao for that gift.

Yashwant calls Shantanu and questions him about Savi’s birthday party. Shantanu asks Yashwant what’s wrong with it as Savi is college topper and she is cultural secretary. Surekha takes the phone from Yashwant and asks Shantanu if it is true that Ishaan planned all of this surprise birthday party. Shantanu confirms it. Yashwant asks Shantanu why should he have to invite Isha to their college. Shantanu says Ishaan invited Isha to college not him. Surekha and Yashwant get even more upset hearing this.

Savi calls Harini and makes Harini swear on her and asks Harini to tell the truth who invited her to this party. Harini says it’s Ishaan.

Surekha lashes out thinking Ishaan invited Isha to their college. Yashwant tries to calm her down. Surekha doesn’t calm down and argues with Yashwant saying Ishaan has fallen for Savi and Isha is trying to come back into Ishaan’s life using Savi.

Ishaan complaints about Bajirao to Prateek and Savi getting fooled by Bajirao. Prateek says to Ishaan that Prateek knows that he is upset with Bajirao coming to the party. Prateek asks Ishaan why is he this much concerned over this? Ishaan says he is concerned about Savi’s future and says if she behaves like this then she will never crack UPSC.

Savi calls Isha and confirms that Ishaan called her. Savi thinks Ishaan did all of this as charity to her and complaints about Ishaan to Isha.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Bhosle family come to Samarth’s house. Savi comes to Samarth’s house and meets Ishaan right outside the gate. Savi gives the money to Ishaan and says she doesn’t need someone’s charity. Ishaan argues with Savi.

Samarth sees Durva left her bag in his home and thinks she wantonly left this bag. Samarth comes out and sees Ishaan arguing with someone.

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