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Episode starts with Virat trying to pacify Savi. He talks to her about random things and tells that Vinayak misses her a lot. He makes her understand that Sai wants good for her and will never let anyone harm her. He ask Savi to understand her mother’s concern, but the latter shows her anger and denies to talk to anyone. Virat finds a trick to have a conversation with Savi and gets inside her tent. He starts praising the decorations and sees all the drawings made by her for Vinayak. He smiles seeing their bond and promises Savi to take her to the amusement park along with Vinayak.

Here, Virat tries to convince Savi and tells that his marriage anniversary party will be boring and she won’t be able to enjoy there. He states that he will take her somewhere else with Vinayak and assures that they both will enjoy and have fun. Savi gets adamant to meet Vinayak and proclaims that she will not talk to Sai or Virat, if they won’t give her permission to go to the party.

Vinayak also calls Sai and shares his excitement to meet Savi. The latter informs her that Savi won’t be able to attend the party and makes up an excuse. Whereas, Vinayak gets furious and ask that why elders are not allowing him to meet Savi. He proclaims that he also won’t attend the party if Savi won’t come there.

Elsewhere, Vinayak cuts the call being furious while Pakhi looks at him being sad. She then goes downstairs and shares her worry with Ninad. He assures her that everything will be fine and ask her to get ready for the party. He ask her to enjoy her anniversary while she agrees to him and goes upstairs to get ready. Whereas, everyone prepares for the celebration.

Virat brings icecreams for Savi and gives it to her. He engages her in his conversation while she starts telling him about her bond with Vinayak. Meanwhile, Sai gets emotional seeing Virat and Savi connection, while Usha smiles and says that Sai won’t be able to separate Savi from her father. Sai goes towards the table and picks the drawing made by Savi.

Ahead, Sai starts repairing the teared drawing of Savi and frames it nicely. She goes inside the room and gives it to Savi, while the latter gets elated. She also permits Savi to attend the anniversary function while the latter gets excited and shows her gratitude towards Sai. She hugs and kisses both Sai and Virat, while Usha smiles seeing their family bond.

Chavans prepares for the function and checks on all the decorations. Shivani praises Pakhi for her look, while Mohit welcomes the guests and questions Karishma, but the latter rebukes him. Meanwhile, Bhavani also comes there and ask about Virat, while at that time he comes there along with Savi. Vinayak gets elated and meets her. She praises his house while he takes her towards the family members to get her introduced.

Further, Sai keeps thinking about her decision and worries that what if Chavans mistreats Savi for being her daughter. Usha assures that Virat and Vinayak will take a stand for Savi and ask the latter not to worry about her. Vinayak introduces Savi to his family, while Bhavani taunts her. Savi replies back to Bhavani, while others suppresses their laugh. Vinayak takes her away from there, while Sai gets tensed for her daughter.

Precap:- Virat and Pakhi gets inside Sai’s house and lashes out at her for notifying Vinayak about his adoption. The latter gets shocked, while Pakhi and Virat accuses her for snatching their son from them. Sai makes Virat leave her and denies all the allegations. She says that she haven’t done anything and proclaims to find Vinayak. She goes from there while Virat follows her to find his son. Whereas, Pakhi keeps looking at them being worried.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 9th October 2022 Written Update: Virat tries to pacify Savi