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The episode starts with Kiran arguing with Bajirao that his arrest is unfair. Bajirao slaps Kiran. Savi tells Kiran that now he will realize how much it hurts when someone is violent towards us. Kiran says to Bajirao that he didn’t assault anyone and Savi sent a goon to hit me. Savi says it’s untrue. Kiran asks why Ishaan hit him. Bajirao slaps him again and asks his team to teach a lesson to Kiran. Kiran asks Harini to take back her complaints. Harini, Bajirao, and Savi leave from the cell.

Savi asks Harini to rest for some time. Bajirao asks Savi if she ever thinks of joining the police force. Savi says she wants to become an IAS. Bajirao says real action is in IPS so it’s good if you join in. Savi says her father is also IPS so she knows about it. While talking they realise that they have so many connections. Bajirao asks her to crack UPSC soon and says he is waiting to call her ma’am.

Ishaan comes to the station. He asks Bajirao why he summoned him. Bajirao says he got a complaint that he assaulted Kiran. Ishaan sees Savi and asks if she complained about it. Bajirao comments on it. He tells him Kiran filed a complaint against him. Ishaan admits what he did. Bajirao tells Ishaan that no one has to take the law into their own hand and it’s their mistake to punish the culprit. Ishaan says he is ready to face any punishment as he feels he didn’t make any mistakes. Savi comments on Ishaan’s behavior with her. She leaves. Bajirao says Savi is a firebrand. He asks Ishaan to wait in his cabin.

Bajirao assures Savi and Harini that he will change Kiran. They leave. Later Isha applies cream on Harini’s wounds. Shantanu asks if they filed a complaint or FIR. Savi says FIR. Shantanu says that Kiran will be in jail for 24 hours. He says he will talk to Bajirao. He calls Bajirao and asks him to teach a lesson to Kiran. Bajirao says Ishaan already taught him a lesson. He assures Shantanu that he will change Kiran ways. Ishaan asks if he can leave. Bajirao asks him to not take the law into his own hands.

Isha tells Harini that she will prepare her favorite food. Harini gets emotional and hugs her seeing her care. Surekha asks Ishaan why Bajirao called him. Ishaan tells her Bajirao called him to give a warning to not take law into his own hands. Surekha asks if Bajirao forgot how much Shantanu helped him. Ishaan asks her to not involve Shantanu in it Surekha asks why he looks upset. Ishaan says he is upset regarding Savi’s matter. He tells her he is determined to stop Savi from leaving the college.

Harini tells Savi that she wants to return to Ramtek with her. Harini says they need to inform Ashwini about it. Savi says it’s not good. Kiran returns home. Harini tries to talk to him but he goes inside without talking about anything.

Ishaan tells Prateek that he doesn’t know how to stop Savi from leaving the college. He receives Isha’s call. Isha tells him tomorrow she is leaving for Ramtek so she decides to talk to him before leaving. Ishaan asks if she is leaving alone. Isha says Savi is coming with her. She says you’re a noble human, By apologising you won’t lose anything. She says if you think that you have made a mistake don’t hesitate to apologise. She asks him to listen to his heart and tells him that her blessings are always with him. She asks him to call her if he ever feels missing her. Ishaan feels emotional.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ishaan comes to Savi with a flower bouquet and candy bouquet. He gives them to her. He tells Savi that he is upset because she is leaving college because of him. He asks Savi to forgive him if possible. He tells her how much he is regretting hurting her with his words. He said if you attend my lecture today I will know that you have forgiven me.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 9th October 2023 Written Update: Kiran gets arrested