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Episode starts with Ashwini serving green tea to Ninad. She also sits along with with and both enjoys their tea time. He tells about how he developed the habit of drinking green tea and then they talks about Omi. Whereas, Ashwini replies that due to Ninad even she started enjoying the tea. He then recalls Sai while Ashwini gets irked and ask him not to take her name. She shows her frustration towards Sai and reminds him about all the pain and suffering of Virat. He agrees to her and gets flashes of the time after Sai’s death. They remembers how Virat used to put his life in danger and wanted to kill himself.

Here, Ashwini says that Virat used to take all the risky missions and used to get injured heavily. Meanwhile, Ninad proclaims that he stopped only after Ashwini’s vow, but the latter tells that he changed after finding Vinayak on a mission. They recalls how Virat saved Vinayak when he was small from the terrorists and then adopted him as his son.

Ninad and Ashwini prays for Vinayak to get cured, so that everything will get fine. They shows their concern towards the latter and says that Virat is deeply attached to Vinayak and cares about him a lot. She also prays for Virat to move on in his life with Pakhi. Whereas, the latter opens Virat’s cupboard and finds his photo frame with Sai and their first child Vinayak.

Elsewhere, Ashwini comes towards Pakhi and sees her tensed. She asked about the matter, to which the latter notify ber about her suspicion. She tells that Virat was so tired and busy, also he was hiding something from her. Whereas, Ashwini ask Pakhi not to think too much. She insist the latter to pray for positivity, while the latter relies that she doesn’t trust her fate.

Ashwini shows her concern towards Pakhi and ask her to move on in her life with Virat. She also warns the latter not to remind him about the past. Whereas, Virat goes to feed Vinayak and apologizes to him for his rude behavior. The latter says that he is upset and complains that Virat has stolen his hope to get cured. Vinayak says that he had trust on Sai but due to Virat she won’t treat him now.

Ahead, Virat feels sad for Vinayak and assures that he will get fine. Vinayak tells about his dream to run, while Virat gets sad. He also falls into dilemma, whole Sai feeds Savi but the latter keeps worrying about Vinayak. She says that he must have not eaten anything and shows her concern stating that his father was so angry at him. Sai also gets worried for Vinayak and decides to call Virat.

Virag gets into a conflict and imagines his other self. They both gets into an argument. Virat gets confused whether to take treatment from Sai or to go away from her. He gets emotional remembering that she is alive but then becomes furious thinking about the reason she hided the truth from him. At that time he gets a call from Sai and both gets emotional hearing each other’s voice.

Further, Sai and Virat taunts one another, while the latter ask Sai not to come in between him and his son. She states that she can treat the latter and shows her concern towards Vinayak, while Virat gets into confusion. She ask him not to take any decision in hurry and ask him to think about Vinayak’s life. She advice him to keep their past aside from the kids and request him to follow her decision. He finally agrees for it and declares that they will only have patient and doctor relationship.

Precap:- Virat takes Vinayak to Sai’s house, while the latter gets surprised. He questions if they are there for his treatment? To which Virat replies positively. They goes down the car and Sai gets emotional seeing Virat. Meanwhile, Savi shows her excitement to meet her friend. Vinayak ask Virat that if he will again drag him away from Savi? To which the latter denies. Savi and Vinayak hugs each other happily, while Virat and Sai stares at one another.

Episode starts with Sai taking Savi back to their house and prohibits her from talking or meeting Vinayak and his father. Whereas, the latter tells Sai that they are nice and proclaims that even she is confused about the sudden rash behavior of Virat. She states that she will ask Vinayak about it, but Sai scolds her and prohibits from calling him. Savi gets shocked and tells Sai that she can’t stop her from talking to her friend and becomes upset with her mother’s decision. She goes inside her room, while Sai gets emotional and proclaims that she can’t even tell Savi about the real reason behind her decision.

Here, Vinayak goes towards Virat’s room but sees him in an angry state. He gets afraid of him and decided to talk to him later, when he will be fine. Meanwhile, he decides to call Pakhi in order to share his concern towards Virat. The latter keeps thinking about Sai and Savi. He recalls how he suffered after Sai’s death and drowned into alcohol to forget her but couldn’t able to get rid of her memories. He recalls his attempts to find Sai and then move on in his life after he found about her death.

Virat remembers his past with Sai and recalls the doctor’s statement that Sai can’t get pregnant. He becomes confused and thinks that how Savi could be her daughter. He gets stressed thinking about the matter, while Sai cries recalling Vinayak to be Virat’s child. She proclaims that he doesn’t even waited for her or tried to find her after the accident. She says that he doesn’t have any feelings for her.

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