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The episode starts with Savi noticing Vinayak and Samrudh coming to the station. She calls Vinayak by name. She asks if he came to bail out Mandar. Vinu stays silent. She says it means Mandar’s words are correct that you’re part of this crime. Savi slaps Vinayak. She confronts him about how can he even think of killing someone. Vinu says he didn’t want to kill Isha. Savi asks him to not talk and says she can never forgive him for whatever he did. He asks her to listen to him once. Savi says Glad our parents are not alive otherwise they may be ashamed of your change. She leaves.

Isha calls Savi but the phone doesn’t get connected. She thinks about where Savi went. Savi comes to the Isha’s ward. She asks Isha to forgive her as she is responsible for her condition. Isha says it’s not her mistake and asks her to not feel guilty. Savi asks if is it a crime to back out from marrying an alcoholic person. She says her brother is involved with Mandar and makes her get attacked. Isha asks Savi to forget it. She asks Savi to concentrate on her studies. She says I saw tears in Ishaan for me with this attack and that’s enough for me. Savi says Ishaan will understand her love soon. Savi says she will come after finishing her one more work and leaves.

Durva and Avni remind Surekha that September 11th is Ishaan’s birthday and they think of doing something special for Ishaan. Surekha permits them. Durva feels happy. Surekha asks them to not involve outsiders in the party as Ishaan will not like it. They agree. They discuss about the arrangements for a birthday party.

Savi comes to Bhosale’s mansion. Ishaan opens the door and sees Savi. Ishaan tries to close the door but Savi stops Ishaan. Ishaan asks Savi to leave if not he will call the police. Savi says to Ishaan that she wants to talk to him and everyone else. Surekha allows her to talk. Savi apologises to Bhosales for falsely accusing them. Ishaan asks why she changed suddenly. Savi says she learned about the real culprit. Yashwant and Nishi ask her to tell who the real culprits are. Savi says it’s Mandar and her brother Vinayak’s conspiracy. Nishi says her sorry can’t bring back their reputation. Ishaan says they don’t want her apology. Ishaan asks her to leave. Save requests them to forgive her. Yashwant shouts at her for ruining their reputation. Ishaan warns Savi to stay away from his family. Savi again says sorry. Ishaan asks her to get out. Savi leaves.

The next day, Savi says to Isha that she is getting discharged. She asks if she wants her to inform her discharge to Bhosles. Isha asks if they asked her about it. Savi says no. The doctor comes there. Savi asks the Doctor when they need to come for a follow-up checkup. The doctor says it’s good to have a follow-up check up but how she will come here from Ramtek? Savi says Isha is going to stay in Pune. Savi says to Isha that she will take her to a place where she will recover pretty soon.

Episode ends.

Precap – After an argument, Ishaan asks Savi to leave from his class but she denies it. Ishaan refuses to take a class if Savi stays in the class.

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