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The episode starts with Surekha asking Ishaan and Reeva to establish Gudi. Ashmita says to Surekha that she needs to talk and takes her aside.

Surekha asks Asmita what happened. Ashmita asks Surekha to not break the custom. Surekha asks what does she means. Ahmitha says to Surekha that Ishaan and Savi should do the Gudi Padwa ritual as they are a couple and reminds Surekha how last time she asked Chinmay and Shikha to do the Gudi Padwa ritual and he refused to do it. Ashmita says after that Chinmay has left the house. Ashmita says she doesn’t want Ishaan to leave the house like Chinmay. Ashmita requests Surekha to let Ishaan do gudi with Savi for our house’s well-being. Surekha looks on.

Surekha comes to the hall and asks Ishaan and Savi to establish the gudi. Reeva and her parents feel bad. Ashmita and Shikha feel happy. Ishaan and Savi establish gudi. Reeva controls her tears. Savi performs Gudi padwa Puja. Everyone prays to Gudi.

Savi wishes a happy new year to Ishaan. Ishaan also wishes her back. Later Surekha gifts watch to Yashwant. Yashwant happily shows it to everyone. Ashmita gifts beautiful chain to Nishikant. Swati gifts her husband then she asks Reeva to give her gift to Ishaan. Reeva asks her to leave. Surekha insists Reeva to give her gift to Ishaan. Reeva gives her gift to Ishaan. Savi feels sad. Durva asks Ishaan to open the gift. Ishaan opens the gift. Durva sees diamond diamond-studded pen. Durva says it’s classy gift. Ishaan thanks Reeva. Savi leaves from their with her gift. She places her gift infront of Ishaan’s photo.

Ishaan asks Surekha to wear him the garland of Batasha. Surekha says she used to wear this garland to him and Chinmay when they were kids. Ishaan says he is still a kid to her and asks Surekha to wear it to him. Surekha wears Batasha garland to Ishaan. Ishaan asks Surekha to wear the second one also and ask Surekha to think she so wearing it to Ishaan. Surekha agrees and wears the second one also. Ishaan wishes Happy Gudi Padwa to Surekha from himself and Ishaan also. Surekha also wishes him happy Gudi Padwa.

Surekha comes to the kitchen and asks Ashmita if all the arrangements are ready. Surekha says besides mango juice and Puri everything is ready as she is the one who always prepares it. Ashmita says to Savi how Ishaan and Chinmay used to fight for mango juice and Puri when they were kids. Surekha thinks about it and says to Ashmita that she will not make mango juice and Puri. Ashmita thinks Ishaan will be very sad if he knows that Surekha hasn’t made Mango juice and Puri. Savi hearing this says she will make Mango juice and Puri. Ashmita agrees.

All the family members and Reeva’s family only eat Mango juice and Puri as it is too tasty. Ishaan praises Surekha. Ashmita says today’s mango juice and Puri are made by Savi and she is doing it from the past two hours. Ishaan gets upset hearing this. Savi tries to serve Puri to Ishaan but Ishaan says his stomach is full and leaves from there saying he has to go to college as there are special classes.

Ishaan changes his dress and sees Savi’s gift near his photo. Savi comes there and asks him what happened. Ishaan questions her about the gift. Savi says yesterday she went to purchase the gift for him but she didn’t give him thinking if he deserves it or not. Ishaan asks if she finished the paper work he gave her. Savi says she finished half work. Ishaan scolds her for not finishing the work. He questions what’s the need to purchase a gift. Savi says it’s a ritual so she thought to purchase it. Ishaan repeatedly receives Pratik’s call, he cuts the call. He questions Savi why she is ignoring her dream. He warns her to concentrate on her studies not in cooking and rituals. Savi apologises to him. Pratik again calls Ishaan. Ishaan picks up the call and questions why he is calling him continuously. Ishaan gets shocked knowing why Pratik called him. He leaves from there in a hurry. Savi feels confused.

Episode ends.

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