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Episode starts with Pakhi getting furious at Bhavani for stopping Sai from leaving the house. She confronts Bhavani and points out about her biasness. She states that just because Sai is pregnant, she is getting sympathy from everyone and cries stating that she was also planning her future with Samrat but Sai has snatched everything from her. She accuses Sai for all her misery, while Virat tries to calm her down. Pakhi smiles sarcastically and says that Virat loves Sai immensely, just like how Samrat used to love her. She gets sentimental remembering her moments with Samrat.

Here, Pakhi curses Sai for killing Samrat. She says that even if Sai have all the joy in her life, still she won’t able to be happy and satisfied. Everyone gets shocked hearing her curse and tries to stop Pakhi. Meanwhile, Mansi tells that it’s there bad fate that they lost Samrat and tries to make Pakhi understand. She ask her to accept the truth and not to blame it on anyone.

Karishma opens the gifts of Samrat and all gets emotional hearing his voice note. She apologises to everyone and closes it, while Pakhi cries and gets angry seeing Sai. Meanwhile, Bhavani tries to take Pakhi inside, but the latter ask her to leave. She gets disappointed with everyone and goes inside her room.

Elsewhere, Virat cries seeing the portrait of Samrat, while Pakhi sees the gifts sended by Samrat and cries continuously. Sai feels pain in her abdomen and remembers her moments with Samrat. She misses him, while Ninad sits along with Virat and consoles her. He says that he can understand his situation and ask him to be strong for the family members.

Virat cries in front of Ninad, while the latter consoles her. Meanwhile, Sai questions Virat that if he also blames her for Samrat’s death? To which latter denies and says that he knows about the situation and he can never doubt Sai regarding it. They both gets teary eyes getting flashes of Samrat.

Ahead, Chavans performs the rituals for Samrat to give peace to his soul. Meanwhile, Bhavani prohibits Sai from lifting heavy items. She shows concern towards the latter, while Pakhi gets furious seeing it. Bhavani ask Sai to give food to Pakhi, but the latter denies to eat from Sai’s hand and ask her to leave.

Sai takes a stand for herself and gives a befitting reply to Sai. Whereas, the latter scolds Sai and keeps blaming her for everything. Sai says that Pakhi always disliked her and requests her to stop accusing her as she can’t bear anything against her baby. Saloni and Omkar takes a stand for Pakhi and rebukes Sai for not understanding her situation.

Further, Shivani also makes Sai understand that Pakhi isn’t in her sense after losing Samrat, to which Sai replies that she also lost her brother. Virat takes a stand for Sai and scolds Pakhi for talking ill about his wife. Whereas, Ashwini and Ninad gets concerned for the Sai. Meanwhile, the latter wears the garland and everyone gets shocked seeing her.

Precap:- Sai screams at Pakhi that her curse has worked. She says that she won’t be able to live happily ever after and cries stating that Pakhi will get happiness seeing her in pain. Virat glares at Pakhi and calms Sai down. He sends her to the room, while the latter feels dizzy and falls from the stairs. Whereas, Ashwini and others gets shocked seeing it and shouts her name.

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