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Episode starts with Virat assuring Sai and says that soon everything will be fine. She feels anxious and tells him about her fear, while he comforts her and states that he won’t let anything bad happen in between them. She recalls that her results were about to come and says that they have to notify Bhavani about the truth before that. She feels nervous and expresses her feelings to Virat, while he gives confidence to her and tells that he will soon talk to Bhavani and will convince her to let Sai persue her career. Virat recalls how he was angry with Sai and had become a stone hearted person after Shruti’s incident.

Here, Virat encourages Sai by reminding her about her efforts, which has changed their life. He tells that he had lost all the hopes of getting back to normal with her or his family, but the continuous effort of Sai has made it possible. He shows his gratitude towards her for keep trying to unite their relationship.

Virat says that he is thankful to Sai for not giving up on their relationship and tells that they are together only because of her efforts. He keeps praising her, while she expresses her deep love for him. She says that he has always supported her and has given all the rights to live happily.

Elsewhere, Sai also shows her gratitude towards Virat for always being her cheerleader. They both smiles looking at eachother, while Virat recalls how he had taken the decision on behalf of Sai. He tells Sai about it, stating that he was scared to loose her and after Bhavani’s condition he got really afraid. He says that he doesn’t wanted anyone to ruin their marriage and so have lied to her.

Sai sees Virat getting emotional and comforts him. She assures that she won’t ever leave him, no matter what! She holds his hands and then brings him close to kiss his forehead. She shows a sweet gesture to express her feelings for Virat. She also gives him confidence via her kiss and makes it clear to him that he won’t go away from him.

Ahead, Virat holds Sai’s hands and says that they are united. He says that they will work as a team and won’t ever get separated. He then reminds her about their first night, while she gets shy. He gets close to her and was about to kiss, but Sai stops him stating that she doesn’t want to start her new life with a lie. She suggests to complete their first night after telling the truth to Bhavani, while Virat agrees and then embraces her.

Samrat confronts Pakhi and apologises to her for his taunts. She rebukes him and ask to leave her alone, stating that she won’t understand her condition. She even ask divorce from him, but he denies to give it to her. He then expresses his love for Pakhi, while she gets shocked. He leaves from there after seeing her reaction.

Further, Sai and Rajiv prepares food for Chavans. Bhavani gets impressed by Sai and keeps praising her. Whereas, Sai seems to be lost in her thoughts. Virat ask her tk enjoy the family time. Bhavani keeps praising Sai, while Omkar confronts her for her changed behaviour. Meanwhile, Rajiv talks about the honeymoon of newly wedded couples, while Bhavani gets furious and tells that it doesn’t happen in their house. She tells that she have some other plans for Virat and Sai.

Precap:- Bhavani gives a traditional saree to Sai and tells her about its value. She says that Virat and Sai’s pair is special and ask her to take good care of the saree. She then apprises her about visiting a temple along with Virat and makes her wear the saree. She shows her confidence on Sai and states that she have selected her in order to become the next daughter-in-law to handle the responsibilities of the whole house. Whereas, Sai feels bad and gets into thinking.

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