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The episode starts with Shivani telling Sai that Virat went against his family to support you, he was really worried when you met with accident. He planned special birthday surprise and bought Ruby necklace. Do you really think these are just for the sake of responsibility? Why don’t you understand he loves you a lot. She suggests Sai to understand Virat’s love else she will regret later for not realising it. Sunny says Sai doesn’t want to believe Virat can love her, she is only misunderstanding. Sai says she knows the truth and she saw Virat and Pakhi holding each others’ hands. she can’t unsee it. Shivani says everything has a limit. Sai should not distance herself from Virat to such extent that they never get close again. She already made a mistake by returning Virat’s gift now she is hurting him more. She should value her relationship with Virat.

Sunny says Sai is thinking from her brain and not accepting her love for Virat. Virat thinks for how long Sai will hurt him and he told her million times he has nothing with Pakhi but she doesnt want to believe that. Shivani asks Sai then why she stopped the transfer of Virat if she doesn’t care about him. Sai admits that she didn’t do it for herself but for everyone. She told senior officer to stop Virat’s transfer and reasons that he is not mentally fine. He has to take care of his family. Virat gets shocked to know that and thinks Sai lied to him and did it knowingly. Why family is forcing Sai to love him when she doesn’t want to feel that way. Virat says he doesn’t need Sai’s pity. He leaves from there upset.

Sunny says Sai means we all are misunderstanding that Virat loves her but this can’t be true. Shivani says they know it and Sai should put efforts to save her marriage before its too late. Mansi blesses Samrat seeing him happy after a long time. Bhavani says Virat and Samrat got united. Pakhi is also reason of Samrat’s happiness, she was cheering him up. Pakhi says she will meet her parents with Samrat as they also waited patiently for him. Bhavani tells Pakhi to invite her parents for grihasanti puja. They should participate. Pakhi agrees. Ashwini gets happy that Virat’s transfer has also stopped. She thanks God. Ninad asks did you know who stopped the transfer. Ashiwni says she doesn’t know but Virat says he knows who did it. He says that person didn’t ask him before stopping his transfer. He looks at Sai and the latter gets nervous. Ashwini gets happy and hugs her. She says Sai is really a magician that she did the unthinkable.

Samrat says Sai proved how much she cares for the family. Virat says she didn’t ask me about my decision. Pakhi says Sai feels what she thinks is right, she didn’t feel the need of asking Virat before stopping the transfer as she believes she takes only right decision. Samrat takes stand for Sai and justifies her act saying because of Sai only he participated in dahi handi with Virat. She united them. Virat didn’t like that? Virat says he didn’t say that but he was mentally ready to take charge for the posting, but Sai didn’t tell him anything about that. Sai says if Virat finds her wrong she will accept his punishment. Omkar says they should not stretch the matter. Mansi tells Samrat not to interfere in Sai and Virat’s personal matter. Pakhi says Samrat and she will go for shopping. He will buy her many things. Samrat says why Pakhi is forcing him, she says she is just teasing him, she knows Samrat will give her all rights of a wife.

Precap- Sai asks Pakhi why she is showing off and telling Virat about her happiness. She should work on her relationship with Samrat instead of proving it to Virat. Pakhi gets irked.

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