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The episode starts with Nishikanth showing the budget of the auditorium to Yashwant. Yashwant says to Nishikanth that they don’t have money for this and says first they have to make their temporary staff permanent before the education board takes action against them. Nishikanth says to Yashwant that they will face a lot of loss if they do that. Yashwant says they have to be prepared for small losses to have big profits. Nishikanth agrees.

Isha brings Savi to a hotel. Isha says to Savi that if they stay in this hotel the expenditure will be high. Ankur Sharma comes and says they don’t have to pay a single penny. Ankur asks Isha if she recognised him? Isha recognises he is one of her students. Ankur introduces as the hotel manager of this hotel. Ankur requests Isha to allow him to do Seva to her. Isha agrees after a while. Ankur asks the bellboy to take Isha’s luggage to her room. Isha leaves from there with Savi with the bellboy.

Isha and Savi stay in the room. Savi gets a call from Asmita and Shikha. They ask Savi if they could talk to Isha. Savi says yes. Isha talks with Shikha and Ashmita and Isha gets to know from them that Ishaan gave an ultimatum to his family that if Isha enters their house he will leave the house. Savi cuts the call. Isha asks Savi to go to her college. Isha says she can take care of herself. Savi agrees and leaves from there.

Durva returns to the college. Ayush greets Durva. Ayush asks Durva what does she want to do after she returns to college? Durba says to Ayush that she wants to take revenge on Savi. Savi comes to the college at this time. Durba tries to tell the people in the college that Savi’s brother is a criminal but Savi interrupts Durva and threatens Durva saying she will tell everyone who lit the fire on the Ganesh Chaturthi. Durva goes silent hearing this. Everyone laughs at Durva.

Shukla comes and offers sweets to Savi in the classroom saying his job became permanent today and it’s all because of Isha. Durva questions Shukla Why is he praising Isha when he is working in this college? Savi defends Isha. Ishaan comes to the class and asks Shukla if his job was not permanent till now. Shukla says yes and leaves from there.

Durva comments on Shukla as he was praising Isha. Savi asks Durva to respect Isha as she got the best teacher award. Ishaan says to Savi that there is no need to praise that woman. Savi asks Ishaan to respect Isha as she is his mother also. Ishaan makes a comment on Savi. Savi apologises to Ishaan. Ishaan asks Savi to leave the class. Savi says she will not leave. Ishaan says until she is in the class he will not teach anything to anyone. Savi says to Ishaan that it’s wrong what he is doing? Ishaan hearing this says if she comes to his class from now onwards he will not come to this class again. Savi hearing this gives in to Ishaan’s demands and agrees to leave the class. Savi stands outside the class room and listens to Ishaan’s class.

Surekha talks with Ashmita and Shikha on what they have to prepare for Ishaan’s birthday. Shikha asks Surekha if they can invite Isha to the birthday party? Surekha asks Shikha if she wants to ruin Ishaan’s birthday. Shikha stays silent.

Surekha later calls Isha and asks Isha how is she? Isha says she is fine. Surekha reminds Isha about tomorrow being Ishaan’s birthday. Isha says she knows. Isha after talking with Surekha cuts the call.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Isha comes with a cake to Ishaan’s birthday party. Ishaan throws the cake away. Ishaan asks Isha why did she come here? Isha says she was about to leave. Ishaan says to Isha that they day she left him she is dead to him. Ishaan asks Isha not to come to see his dead body after he is dead. Isha asks Ishaan not go speak like that with tears in her eyes.

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