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Episode starts with Sai removing her nuptial chain and gives it to Ashwini. She ask her to send it to Shruti as latter is the real owner of it. Ashwini cries and requests Sai to wear it back, she states that she believes in the superstition of nuptial chain saving husband’s life and ask Sai to wear it like a piece of jewellery. Meanwhile, Sai denies stating that the rightful person of the nuptial chain is Shruti and tells Ashwini that she should give it to her only. She then takes blessings of God and decides to leaves from there. Whereas, Ashwini agrees to Sai and says that she won’t force her any further.

Here, Ninad comes forward in support of Sai and shows his anger on Shruti and Virat. He curses them for hurting Sai and declares that they won’t ever be able to stay happy together. Sai remembers how her nuptial chain was broken, when Virat was going to the war against terrorists and says that since then their relationship was broken.

Samrat warns Shruti and Virat not to involve them in anything related to them. He taunts Shruti for lying about Virat’s health, while Mohit puts allegations on Shruti’s character. Samrat keeps praising Sai and mocks about Virat abd Shruti’s relationship. They glares at Virat and then leaves from there, followed by Pakhi, who lastly threatens Shruti and then goes away.

Elsewhere, Shruti apologises to Virat for calling them and tries to justify her reason, to which he gets angry on her and ask to never call them ever again. Shruti agrees to him and tries to instigate him against Sai, stating that his family loves her more then him. He denies her statement and says that Samrat is furious at him for some other reasons and states that he don’t want to talk about it. He goes inside his room after scolding Shruti.

Shruti talks to herself that she doesn’t get upset with Virat’s scolding. She realises that she had started feeling soft for Virat and questions that if Virat have replaced Sadanand inside her heart? She also ask herself that if she have accepted their fake relationship as real?

Ahead, the terrorists plans to harm Virat for snatching Shruti. Meanwhile, a man comes there, they all surrounds him but then gets elated seeing Sadanand. They shows their happiness, while latter explains how he escape from the police. Meanwhile, he questions about Shruti and his child, while his mens notify him about Shruti being with Virat. They shows their anger and decides to take their revenge.

Sadanand stops his gang from hurting Virat and tells that he had only asked Virta to look after Shruti, if anything happened to him. Meanwhile, they showed him the newspaper article about Virat and Sai’s relationship, stating that he have married her. Sadanand gets furious.

Further, Sai bids adieu to Chavans after being recovered. Samrat notify her that Shruti lied about Virat’s health as he was fine. Sai shows her care towards Virat, while his family ask her to not to be so innocent. She tries to explain them that Virat needs their love but they denies to reunite with him. Whereas, Ashwin blesses her to achieve all her dreams. She smiles and shows her gratitude towards them. Meanwhile, Ashwini ask Sai to find a partner for herself as life is incomplete without a partner, she gets shocked and denies for it stating that she only wants to focus on her career.

Precap:- Shruti tells Virat that he is really nice and states that she couldn’t able to tell him, what she feels for him. She starts crying being emotional, while Virat tries to console her. At that she she suddenly hugs him, while he keeps trying to calm her down. Meanwhile, Sadanand gets inside Virat’s house and gets furious seeing them. Whereas, Virat and Shruti becomes shocked seeing him alive.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th February 2022 Written Update: Samrat and Mohit scolds Virat