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The episode starts with Usha calling Virat. Virat attends the call and asks if Savi is fine. Usha says Savi is fine but Sai’s mental condition is not good and she is hallucinating that doll is Vinayak, I have never seen her in this state and I’m worried for Sai as she takes Savi to school in this condition. Virat says he will go to school and check the condition. Usha says ok. Later Sai receives Savi. She asks her where is Vinayak. Savi says he doesn’t come to school. Sai asks her to not lie. Savi recalls Usha’s words and says Vinayak has extra classes. Virat and Usha come there. Virat tells Sai that Vinayak didn’t come to school. Sai doesn’t believe him and says she will search inside. Virat asks Savi to leave with Usha. Savi agrees and leaves.

Sai asks Guard how much time it takes for the extra class to end. Guard says there are no extra classes. Virat takes Sai aside and asks her if she remembers Vinayak Learning the truth and pushing her. Sai says Vinu can never push me. She hallucinates Vinayak coming out of school and takes him. Virat feels bad.

Pakhi and Vinayak plant trees. Pakhi asks Vinu to take care of the plant as she cares for him. Virat comes there and says Pakhi always didn’t care of you and now Sai will take care of you. Vinayak says he won’t go anywhere with Sai. Sai comes there like a fairy then turns a witch and takes Vinayak with her. Vinayak wakes up from his nightmare.

Sai imagines Vinu asking her to compete with him in the race. She runs on the road. Virat tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen. Sai passes a fast approaching truck. Virat saves her on time.

The doctor checks Vinayak. Pakhi blames Sai for Vinayak’s condition. Bhavani stops Pakhi. She asks Doctor to tell them how to treat Vinayak. The doctor says Vinayak must overcome his fears himself so it’s good if you guys take him to a Psychiatrist. He leaves. Bhavani says Pakhi did wrong by informing their house condition to Doctor. Pakhi says it’s needed for Vinu’s treatment and I waited for the Mumbai transfer but you’re stopping us from leaving and if we are in Mumbai then Vinu may not be in this condition. Bhavani says she will talk to Virat and find a solution. She asks where is Virat. Pakhi says he is not attending calls.

Sai says Vinu is running away. Virat stops her and reminds her that Vinu doesn’t want to live with her and he is at home with Pakhi. Sai doesn’t trust him and talks in her trance. Virat slaps Sai. Sai recalls how Vinu refused to accept her. She breakdown into tears. Virat asks Sai to control herself. Sai says she is not a witch and bad aunt. Virat tries to comfort her. Sai asks why whom she loves goes far from her, am I so bad? She says she doesn’t want to live alone. Virat says she is not alone and tells her he still loves her and will do her until he dies. He says I love you Sai and I always want your return in my life. He sees Sai fall unconscious. Virat lifts Sai in his arms.

Episode ends.

Precap – Virat confesses in chruch since the last few days there is a conflict raging inside me, I don’t love my wife Pakhi and I still love my ex-wife Sai. He says when he saw Sai in pain he lost his control over my emotions. Bhavani hears everything. Virat confesses he wants to be with Sai as it makes him happy and he can’t live without Sai.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th February 2023 Written Update: Sai gets traumatized