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The episode starts with Savi wiping her hair with a towel. Ishaan is shown to be sleeping in his room. Savi searches for her English book and spots it under Ishaan’s pillow and she tries to get it out. Ishaan suddenly sneezes and wakes up. Ishaan and Savi’s chain get tangled. Ishaan asks Savi what is she doing this close to him. Savi says she came here to get the notebook that he hid. Ishaan comments on it. Savi takes the notebook. Ishaan asks Savi if she is going to the college. Savi says yes. Savi asks Ishaan not to fight about this and says she will not change her mind.

Ashmita asks Shikha what is she thinking. Shikha says to Ashmita that Surekha is trying to do the same thing that that she did with him. Shikha says to Ashmita that Surekha made her leave her studies, dance and also made her stop meeting her relatives saying Bhosle family ladies do not do this and that. Shikha says she is feeling sorry for Savi. Ashmita asks Shikha not to worry about Savi as Savi is a fighter and reminds Shikha how Savi countered Surekha.

Shikha and Ashmita later talk about how Ishaan has supported Savi and went against Surekha and Yashwant for Savi. Savi overhears their conversation and learns how Ishaan has supported her. Shikha and Ashmita think there will be a lot of drama today if Savi goes to college today. Savi hearing this decides to follow Ishaan’s suggestion.

Savi comes to Ishaan’s room. Ishaan asks Savi if she is not going to college. Savi says yes. Ishaan asks Savi why is that. Savi says she knows the value of a family. Savi says if his family will not be troubled if she doesn’t go to college until the reception then she doesn’t have a problem with it. Savi says all her problem is that they asked her to leave her studies. Ishaan agrees.

Ishaan and Reeva leave to the college. Surekha stops Ishaan and asks Ishaan if Savi is not going with them. Ishaan says Savi is not going with them. Surekha gets surprised hearing this.

Savi notices in the news paper that today there is a seminar by retired IPS officer Sanjeev at city Library 12 pm
And she decides to go to it. Surekha comes to Savi and mocks Savi if she wants anything juice, Badam etc. Savi asks Surekha why is she behaving like this. Surekha says to Savi that she thinks this is a hotel as she is not doing any work. Savi says her family taught her all the work so that she can do on her own. Surekha hearing this decides to test Savi. Surekha brings Savi downstairs.

Surekha shows the mangoes to Savi. Ashmita gives the mango cutter to Savi. Surekha asks Savi to cut all of the mangoes. Savi says there are a lot of mangoes. Surekha says they prepare all the pickles in home and they also give these things to Yashwant’s friends and comments on it. Surekha asks Savi to get to work and leave from there.

Ashmita asks Surekha if she doesn’t feel that she gave a lot of work to Savi as her one hand is not working. Surekha asks Ashmita that Savi will do it and there is no need to worry about her.
Savi has trouble in cutting the mangoes. Savi thinks how will she go to the seminar as Surekha will not allow her to leave before this work is done.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Savi after cutting all the mangoes says to Surekha that she would like to a seminar today and say to Surekha about it. Surekha stops Savi from leaving and reminds the fact that she can’t step out of the house before the reception.

Savi gets down from the first floor with the help of the pipe. Savi spots Surekha talking over the phone.