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Episode starts with Ashwini stopping Sai and instead ask Virat to leave the house. Everyone gets shocked, while he feels hurt and says that she shouldn’t have insulted him so much. He states that if she had just ordered him to leave, then he would have left without any question, but she have hurted him by putting such allegations on him. He looks at his family and declares that they all are same on one thing, that is in lacking trust upon him. He was about to go, to pack his belongings while Mohit stops him and ask to give divorce to Sai. Virta gets furious and shouts at him. Samrat questions that if Virat wants to be with both Shruti and Sai together?

Here, Ninad also comes forward in Sai’s support and orders Virat to give divorce before leaving the house, so tht they can free Sai and make her marry someone else. Sai gets astonished and denies, while Ninad says that she deserves happiness. Virat feels pain and proclaims that he will give divorce only if Sai will ask him to. He looks at her, while she taunts him for his betrayal.

Sonali enjoys the drama along with Omkar. Whereas, Bhavani scolds Ninad for asking Virat to leave and giving decision in favour of Sai. Pakhi taunts Sai stating that she isn’t leaving the house and is just doing the drama. Sonali also rebukes Sai, while latter says that they always have problem with her.

Elsewhere, Sai declares that she can’t be in that house and ask Virat to stay there. She requests the family members not to stop her. Devyani shouts at Virat and beats him, while Sai stops her. She says that she wants to take her own decisions and wants to become independent. She requests her family to support her decision and goes inside to take her luggage.

Ninad and Ashwini says that she is their daughter and takes stand for her against Virat. Meanwhile, she convinces them not to stop her from leaving. She goes towards Mansi, while latter gets emotional and ask Sai to promise that she will never forget them, even after staying away from them. Sai assures her that she will keep visiting them.

Ahead, Sai moves towards Sonali and Omkar. They also ask her to stay safe, while she shows her gratitude towards them. She goes towards Mohit, who becomes sentimental and makes him face herself. She comforts her stating that she will be fine and ask him to always stay happy. She takes promise from him stating that he won’t get sad, while he agrees to her.

Sai looks at Karishma, while latter also nods at her. She moves towards Ninad and Ashwini, while Ninad states that Sai doesn’t consider them as their parents and that is why leaving the house. She cries and tries to make them understand. She says that she will keep visiting them and ask him to support her in her decision. She takes their blessings and moves forward.

Further, Sai faces Virat and ask him to be happy in his life. He was about to help her with her luggage, but she stops him showing her hand. She takes her belongings and removes her ring, giving it back to him. He takes it with heavy heart, while she cries looking at him. Meanwhile, everyone stares at them.

Precap:- Sai tells Virat that it pains when heart break. It hurts when dreams doesn’t get fulfilled and it affects badly when expectations break. But, when trust breaks then the person gets totally shattered. She proclaims that his betrayal have made her lost all her pride upon his friendship and care towards her.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th January 2022 Written Update: Ashwini ask Virat to leave the house