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Episode starts with Shruti going inside Virat’s cabin and gets emotional upon seeing him. She wipes her tears and sits besides him. She ask him about his health and assures that he will get fine really soon, while he questions her that why she haven’t followed his orders and came to rescue him? To which she tells that she doesn’t wanted to bear the burden if anything would have happened to Sai or him. She states that she had to stop Sadanand from committing one more crime by harming innocent people like him and his wife. Whereas, he assures her that soon she will be out of the jail along with her son. He proclaims how he convinced DIG sir to free her.

Here, Shruti shows her gratitude towards Virat and states that she is thankful to him for all his help. She insists him to reconcile with Sai and tells that she is really worried for him, but he denies stating that he doesn’t want to talk about her. She reminds him about his love for Sai, while he says that she have broken his trust and now he doesn’t want to be with her anymore.

Shruti feels bad for Virat and tells that his family also realised their mistake. She confessed her love for him, but assures that she won’t come in between him and Sai. She tells how much she respect and admires him, she was about to hold his hand but he takes his hand back asking her to be in her limit.

Elsewhere, Virat shows his concern towards Shruti while she ask him not to worry about her and insists to concentrate on his life. She reminds his love for Sai and ask to forgive her, while he questions about his relationship with Sadanand. She declares that it isn’t important and ask him to look after himself. She wishes him to recover fast and tells how scared she was after seeing him in critical situation. She states that he have one so much for her and Sahas.

Ashwini and Ninad keeps looking at Virat through the glass present on the room’s door. They discuss whether to get inside or not. They looks scared of Virat’s anger and gets into dilemma. At that time the doctor goes inside to check Virat. He states that Virat is recovering fast and assures that soon he will get discharge. The nurse explain him about him being in the observation for last day, while he replies that he is empty from inside.

Ahead, the doctor tries to make him understand that his family really loves him but Virat denies to hear about it. Ashwini sees a wardboy and ask him to give them tiffin which they have brought for Virat to him. Whereas, the latter shows them the modaks which was sended by Sai to Virat.

Virat’s friend visits him and tells that his parents are trying to meet him. Virat ignores anything related to his family, while his friend teases him with Sai’s name. He replies that he doesn’t want to go back to anyone of them while his friend gets shocked. The wardboy gives Modak to them, while Virat remembers Sai after eating it. The wardboy clicks picture of Virat eating it secretly and sends to Sai, who gets elated after seeing it.

Further, Shruti meets Sai and shows her gratitude for helping her to get bail. Whereas, Sai apologises to Shruti for doubting her, to which latter states that she can understand her and forgives her. Shruti tells about Virat’s trust upon Sai, while latter cries stating that she have broken it. Shruti motivates Sai, while she gets encouraged and thanks Shruti. Meanwhile, Chavans gets elated learning upon Virat getting discharge. They plans to welcome him and share their happiness with each other, while Karishma ask what if he won’t come back to their house? Whereas everyone gets worried.

Precap:- Sai decorates Virat’s flat and welcomes him there. He gets furious at her, while she again returns back with food and tries to cheer him up. She does her best to gain his forgiveness and makes him smile but fail. Meanwhile, Ashwini along with Samrat comes there. She begs Virat for forgiveness and cries stating that she will die of he won’t accept her apology. Whereas, Sai feels bad seeing Ashwini’s condition.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th March 2022 Written Update: Chavans apologises to Shruti