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The episode starts with Surekha asking Yashwant to call Chinmay again. Yashwant calls Chinmay again. Chinmay attends the call. Surekha takes the phone from Yashwant and asks Chinmay to return home. Chinmay puts forth a condition asking Surekha to allow him to sell the land that is on his name then he will return home. Yashwant takes the phone and says that land belongs to him and he will not allow him to sell that land. Chinmay reminds Yashwant that Dadu wrote the land on his name and he is just a caretaker. Chinmay says he will stay in this city and fight to get his right. Chinmay says he might be humiliated. Yashwant comments on Chinmay as he is blackmailing Yashwant and cuts the call. Yashwant asks Surekha that no one should never know about Chinmay as if Ishaan knows about this condition then he will give this land to Chinmay. Surekha reminds Yashwant that Chinmay is their son. Yashwant says he is a stain on their life that they have bear it for life.

Savi notices someone sneaking into the house. Savi takes a stick and asks the person who is it. Savi gets shocked seeing that it is Shikha. Savi asks Shikha where did she to at this time.

Shikha later shares her problem with Savi and says to Savi that that Chinmay is asking her for divorce. Shikha says she went to meet Chinmay to convince him not to leave this marriage. Shikha says to Savi how much she loves Chinmay and what this marriage means to her saying this marriage is the meaning of her existence and now Chinmay is asking her for her existence. Shikha says if this marriage is broken then she will also be broken.

Ishaan says to Reeva about Chinnay. Reeva asks Ishaan to go with Surekha when he goes to meet Chinmay and says in this way. Chinmay gets convinced to return home. Ishaan agrees.

Savi asks Shikha why does Chinmay wants to divorce her and why doesn’t he enter this house. Shikha says she doesn’t know and all she knows is that Yashwant and Chinmay don’t speak to each other from when she came into this house. Savi says they can make Chinmay rethink his decision about this marriage if they can bring Chinmay into this house. Savi says she will tell how they can bring Chinmay into this house.

Episode ends.

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