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Episode starts with Sai taking her belongings to leave the house. She looks at Virat and gets emotional. She notices the ring in her hand and removes it, returning it to Virat. She remembers the flashback when Ashwini selected it for them and cries. Virat takes the ring with heavy heart, while Sai says that it pains when a heart break, it hurts when dreams gets shattered and it affects badly when expectations doesn’t get fulfilled. But, when trust breaks then the person gets totally devastated. She proclaims that his betrayal have made her lost all her pride upon his friendship and care towards her. They both looks at one another and remember their happy moments.

Here, Sai moves towards the door to leave and remembers her wedding with Virat. She gets flashes of entering the house, while going out of there. Devyani and Pulkit takes her trying to stop but she goes away. Devyani breaksdown crying badly, while Virat controls himself and starts going towards his room.

Samrat ask Virat to stop, but latter keeps moving inside his room. Samrat gets furious, while Virat locks himself inside the room and gets sentimental. He says that why Sai didn’t believed him, as he only asked for some days from her. He says that how she could even think that he had betrayed her and talked ill about Shruti. He then imagines Sai there and gets elated, but soon realises that he is hallucinating.

Elsewhere, Virat remembers his happy moments with Sai and misses her. Meanwhile, Sai goes inside her college and sees Virat. She gets happy and runs towards him, but gets sad realising that it is her imagination. At that time a small girl comes there selling balloons. She requests Sai to buy it, while Sai makes her understand the importance of study..

The little girl tells about her interest in studies, while Sai gives her some money to help, stating that only studies can help when they are alone. Whereas, Ninad and Ashwini misses Sai. She ask him to eat his medicine, while he shows his anger towards Virat for betraying Sai. He says that their son have disappointed him a lot, as he have gone against him for Shruti.

Ahead, Ninad reminds Ashwini that how Virat was excited and delighted to see them together. He says that how to forget that their son was so attached to them. He states that Shruti have changed him, while Ashwini says that the things were getting better in between Sai and Virat, but suddenly everything got changed. Ninad wonders that of Sai and Virta will be able to get together or not?

Pulkit comes towards Sai, while she gets elated seeing him and ask to join her. He says that he already knows about the matter, but still if she wants to share anything with him then she can. She tells that how she felt betrayed by Virat and that’s why left the house for her self-respect. Pulkit appreciates her and says that she have done right.

Further, Pulkit tells that Virta is totally wrong there and declares that everyone is against him. Sai says that maybe he have found his true love and wants to spend his life with Shruti, as she was just burden to him. Pulkit states ghag he is proud of Sai, but ask that how will she manage to live alone as it’s a very difficult thing. He gives her his example, while she assures that whole family and god is also with her. He smiles agreeing to her and then questions that if she have feelings for Virat? Whereas Virat is seen missing Sai.

Precap:- Sai meets Shruti as her patient and gets shocked reading her name. She questions Shruti about her husband and marriage, while latter ask that if there is any problem in her reports? To which Pulkit assures her and says that they have to start the treatment as soon as possible, to make her fine soon. He states that he have informed her husband and he is on his way. Meanwhile, Virat reaches there and ask about Shruti’s health, while Sai and Pulkit gets astonished seeing him.

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