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The episode starts with Ishaan asking Savi to stay strong as she has to do the last rites of her family. Ishaan asks Savi to come.

The pandit asks Savi to take this pot and make a round around the bodies. Ishaan helps Savi. Savi makes rounds around the bodies of her family members. The Pandit asks Savi to burn the bodies. Savi burns the bodies of her family members.

Savi thinks her family and everything came to an end. Ishaan hugs Savi and comforts her. The people feel sorry for Savi as she lost all of her family and think how will Savi live.

Yashwant asks Surekha why is she sending Reeva and Nishikanth to bring back Ishaan as he told them that he will return after doing Savi’s family last rites.

Surekha says to Yashwant that Ishaan blames himself for Savi family’s death and says he is feeling guilty and pity for Savi. Surekha says Savi will definitely take advantage of Ishaan so she is sending Reeva and Nishikanth to bring back Ishaan before something bad happens. Yashwant agrees.

Reeva prays to God and says to Surekha that she is only going there as Surekha told her if not she wouldn’t have gone. Surekha asks Reeva to trust her and says this is the right thing to do.

The Pandit asks Savi to mix ashes of her family in the river. The pandit asks Ishaan to come with him saying they have to prepare death certificates of Savi’s family. Ishaan agrees. Ishaan asks Savi to take care and leaves from there.

Savi mixes ashes of her family members in the river. Savi later witnesses her family leaving her in the river. Savi pleads her family members not to leave her and chases them into the river.

The pandit says they need signature of Savi and asks Ishaan to bring Savi. Ishaan agrees and leaves from there.

Ishaan notices Savi isn’t by the river. Ishaan notices that Savi is in the river and jumps into the river to save her.

Ishaan gets Savi out of the water and brings her to land. Ishaan tries to wake up Savi. Ishaan notices that Savi has no breath. Ishaan tries to do CPR. Ishaan says to Savi that she needs to return to him. Nishikanth and Reeva witness Ishaan giving CPR to Savi. Ishaan asks Savi to wake up. Reeva says she will give CPR. Ishaan says there is not that much time. Ishaan presses on Savi’s stomach. Savi pukes water. Ishaan asks Savi to open her eyes.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Savi apologises to Harini in the ambulance as she couldn’t save them. Ishaan reveals to Savi he is responsible for her family’s death. Ishaan doesn’t notice Savi sleeping beside him.

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