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The episode asking Anvi what is she doing here. Anvi says she came here for her phone. Surekha says she will get her phone and asks Anvi to take care of Shikha. Anvi agrees and leaves from there.

Surekha sees Anvi’s phone is ringing and she sees that Isha is calling Anvi. Surekha attends the call. Isha thinks Anvi has attended the call and says to Anvi that Ishaan is not attending his phone so she asks Anvi to give this phone to Ishaan so that Shantanu can say to Ishaan that he is making a big mistake. Surekha hearing it cuts the call and blocks both Shantanu and Isha phone no’s in Anvi’s phone.

Surekha comes and says to Shantanu that there is a big problem saying Shantanu and Isha are coming here to stop this wedding. Yashwant asks Surekha why would they do that. Surekha says it doesn’t matter what’s the reason and says they have to think of a way to stop Shanatanu and Isha from coming here to stop this wedding.

Reeva sees the hologram of Ishaan and thinks it’s really Ishaan but when she later learns it is hologram Durva created to play a prank in her. Durva teases Reeva about it.

Harini looks for Savi. Harini runs into Kiran. Kiran hides his face from Harini and leaves from there. Harini feels like she saw the person somewhere. Savi asks Harini why did she come here. Harini says she came here to feed her curd and sugar for her good luck. Savi eats curd and sugar and leaves from there to give the exam.

Savi is shown to be giving the exam. Ishaan and Reeva enter the wedding venue. Anvi tries to call Isha and Shantanu but she doesn’t get a reply. The students give a dance performance for Ishaan and Reeva. Bhawar Patil makes an entry while the dance is going on. Bhawar Patil kicks Ishaan. Bhawar Patil’s men take hostage of all the guests with guns in their hands.

Yashwant asks who is he. Bhawar Patil takes off his mask. Everyone gets shocked seeing it is Bhawar Patil. Bhawar Patil asks Ishaan if he is surprised and comments on Ishaan. Yashwant asks Bhawar Patil why did he come here as he should be in jail. Yashwant asks Bhawar Patil to leave from here. Bhawar Patil’s men hit Yashwant. Bhawar Patil points the gun to Yashwant and asks him for his name. Bhawar Patil makes Yashwant shout his name and mocks him. Ishaan tries to call the cops with his phone but Bhawar Patil takes the phone. Bhawar Patil acts as if he is scared that Ishaan called the cops. Bhawar Patil’s men come as cops. Bhawar Patil makes Ishan and others realise that they are his men so they get tensed again. Bhawar Patil mocks Ishaan.

Bhawar Patil points the gun to Ishaan and acts as if he shot Ishaan. Ishaan opens his eyes and sees that he has not been shot. Bhawar Patil says to Ishaan that he will kill him at last. Bhawar Patil asks Ishaan where is Savi.

Savi completes her exam. Kiran comes with Bhawar Patil’s men to Savi’s exam room. Savi asks them who are they. Kiran teases Savi. Savi tries to attack Kiran but Kiran catches her. Kiran takes off his mask and shows that it is him. Kiran and goons take Savi and others away grom there.

Bhawar Patil calls Mandir and asks Mandar if everything is done. Mandar says at the front gate the bombs have been fixed and if the police enter here they will be blasted away. Bhawar Patil asks Mandar to bring everyone inside. Harini sees the bomb at the front gate.

Savi sees Harini has also been brought into the college. Harini hugs Savi and reveals to Savi that bombs are attached to the gate. Kiran comes to Harini and says to Harini that he kept his word by coming back.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Bhawar Patil says if they can’t find out who is the third enemy he will kill Savi.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 12th June 2024 Written Update: Bhawar Patil joins hands with Kiran and Mandar to take his revenge