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Episode starts with Chavans getting excited to bring Virat back inside their house. Whereas, Karishma interrupts asking if he will agree to come back? Everyone starts thinking while Sonali makes fun of her daughter-in-law. She states that Virat will surely come back to his house, while Ashwini gets worried. Bhavani notices Ninad and Ashwini’s tension and ask them to relax. She assures that he won’t go anywhere and will surely come back to them. Ashwini reminds about the incident when he denied to even eat their food.

Here, Mohit confidently says that Virat will come to Chavan Niwas. Whereas, Sonali and Omkar ask them to prepare for his welcome. Bhavani also gets excited, whereas Devyani cheers Ashwini and ask her to keep smiling. Ashwini finally agrees to think positively and prepares for welcoming her son. Meanwhile, Ninad gets a call from the hospital.

Virat fills his discharge papers while his friend tries to stop him, stating that they should inform his family first. Virat glares him stating that he doesn’t want to keep any relationship with his family. His friend gets shocked hearing him and again tries to convince Virat in order to atleast call Samrat and notify him about his discharge.

Elsewhere, Virat taunts his friend and ask to come with him. He calls the cab asking to come to the hospital, while the nurse ask him to come after 5 days for routine checkup. He goes out of the hospital and gets shocked seeing his decorated car standing in front of him. Sai comes out of it wearing a driver’s costume, while Virat gets dumbstruck. He glares at his friend, while he assures that he haven’t told her anything.

Virat’s friend tries to convince him to sit on the car but he denies and moves away. She confronts him and tries to cheer him up. She insists him to sit in the car and go back to his house, but he denies her offer and glares her asking to leave. She stays stubborn and keeps following him.

Ahead, Sai requests Virat to cancel the can while he starts walking away from there. She follows him in the car while he gets irked by her. Whereas, Chavans comes to pick Virat from the hospital. They ask the nurse about him, but gets shocked learning that he have already got discharged.

Sai stops Virat and bends down on her knees. She gives him flowers and apologises for her mistake. She does all the cute antics while Virat’s friend request him to accept her apology. Virat gets furious and burst the balloons on the car. He declares that he don’t want to keep any relationship with Sai and calls the cab there. Sai determines to convince him and teases him telling about how he have eaten her handmade modaks. He gets furious at her and goes back to his flat leaving her there.

Further, Virat reaches his flat with his friend and gets shocked seeing Sai there in watchman’s costume. She welcomes them grandly while he gets irritated with her presence. He gets inside his flat and gets surprised seeing Gautam sir from special crime unit. Whereas, Gautam notify him about Rudra and asks Virat about his health.

Chavans gets tensed thinking about Virat. They determines to bring him back, while Ashwini feels dizzy worrying about her son. Devyani cries asking if Virat won’t forgive them? While others consoles her. Meanwhile, Virat gets Samrat’s call but didn’t picked it up. He glares at his friend, while latter assures that he haven’t told anyone about his discharge.

Later, Virat’s friend goes to bring food for him while Sai comes there wearing a delivery girl outfit. Virat gets furious at her, while she keeps trying to cheer him up. She shows him all the different food items for him, while he ask her to leave. She sits on the sofa and says that she won’t go without getting his forgiveness.

Virat strts getting hyper while she tries to calm him down. His friend laughs along with Sai, while Virat grows more angry. He confronts Sai and tells that her efforts won’t work. He reminds about all her accusations and states that he won’t forgive her. She gets emotional and goes away from there. Virat sits to eat, when Samrat and Ashwini comes there.

Here, Virat gets shocked seeing his mother, while she questions that why he didn’t informed them about his discharge. He says that he doesn’t want to keep any relationship with them and ask them to leave. Ashwini cries and accepts their mistake. She says that she is ready to repent and begs him to forgive them. Samrat also cries asking for apology, while Virat reminds them about how they have considered him dead for their family.

Ashwini gets injured while Virat gets concerned for her. She cries and requests him to give them a chance. She touches his feet while he stops her. She begs him continuosly while he also gets emotional and hugs her. He accepts to go back to their house.

Precap:- Ashwini brings Virat to the Chawan Niwas. Bhavani prepares for the Holika Dehan function and states that they will burn all the bad memories, while Sonali says that they will remove all the memories of Sai also. At that te Sai comes there being ready as Virat’s wife and greets them happily. Chavans gets shocked seeing her, while Virat becomes irked.

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