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The episode starts with Surekha saying to Yashwant that if the enemy is cunning then they have to be more cunning in dealing with that enemy. She tells Yashwant that she will show Savi’s sister that they are not at their level in Durva’s engagement which will make Savi understand her level. She says I invited the girl whom I chose for Ishaan to Durva’s engagement. Yashwant praises her. Nishu says hopes these things won’t create a disturbance in Durva’s engagement. Surekha says Sam’s family will not come to Sangeet so everything will be fine.

Ishaan meets Harini. Harini welcomes him and asks if Savi made any mistake. Ishaan says no and tells her that he came to meet her. Harini gives him Bakarwadi. Ishaan praises Bakarwani’s taste. He requests Harini to perform in his sister’s sangeet. Harini asks how he is confident in her singing without seeing her performance. Ishaan says Santosh suggested her name so they are confident. Harini says she will confirm after talking to Savi. Ishaan agrees. Harini asks Ishaan to give Bakarwani box to Savi. Ishaan agrees.

Ishaan sends Bakarwani box to Savi through Shukla. Savi asks Shukla how he got the box. Shukla reveals how her sister gave the box to Ishaan. Savi calls Harini and gets to know Ishaan asked her to perform in his sister’s engagement. Savi insists Harini to reject Ishaan’s proposal. Harini agrees. Shukla tries to tell Savi that she is misunderstanding Ishaan but she doesn’t listen. Harini messages Ishaan that she can’t perform in Durva’s engagement. Ishaan thinks that Savi is behind Harini’s refusal. He calls Shukla and gets confirmation that Savi is behind Harini’s refusal. He asks Shukla to call Savi to his cabin. Shukla agrees.

Isha asks Shantanu to return to Bhosale’s house. Shantanu says he is just a lifeless object there and he doesn’t have any value. Isha reminds him they can’t stay like a couple and rebukes him.

Savi meets Ishaan. Ishaan asks Savi to not let Harini lose her big opportunity. Savi says she knows that Harini will get insulted at his place like he insulted her. Ishaan says his intentions are always pure with her and tells her that Santhosh suggested Harini’s name so I gave her an offer. Savi feels surprised to know it.

Shantanu vents his frustration. Isha says to Shantanu that she will leave. Shantanu requests Isha to stay back. Isha reminds Shantanu that she also went through the same pain that he is going through. Isha says to Shantanu that their relationship is dead just like her.

Savi recalls Ishaan’s words and thinks it would have been good if Santosh and Harini’s relationship went beyond friendship. Savi thinks if she should allow Harini to perform in Bhosle house. Savi sees a butterfly and thinks she should allow Harini to perform in Bhosle house.

Savi comes to Ishaan and says to Ishaan that she will allow Harini to perform in Bhosle house on the condition that nobody will insult her sister. Ishaan makes a promise to Savi that nobody will insult her sister.

Savi comes and says to Harini that she should go and sing in the Bhosle house. Savi also reminds Harini how well did she sing last time. Harini recalls about Kiran and says to Savi that she can’t sing and says if she sang then Kiran will hurt her. Savi says to Harini that she should overcome her fear and says nothing will happen to her. Harini agrees to sing in the Bhosle house on the condition that Savi will come with Harini for support. Savi agrees.

Episode ends.

Precap:-Ishaan and Savi do a role-play of Romeo and Juliet. Ishaan accidentally takes Reeva’s name while he expresses his love to Juliet. Ishaan later apologises to Savi. Reeva from down the stage says I Love you to Ishaan. Ishaan gets stunned seeing Reeva here.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 12th November 2023 Written Update: Savi is puzzled with Ishaan’s behaviour