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Episode starts with Chavans preparing for special dishes to welcome Devyani and Pulkit’s daughter Harini. They becomes excited to bring her to their house, while Pulkit comes there before his daughter and meets all the family members. Meanwhile, Virat gets into a fight with Gulabrao and his goons. The latter gets furious as Gulabrao speaks ill about Sai and her character. Virat takes a stand for the dignity of the latter and gives a warning to Gulabrao. He also ask the latter to stay away from Sai and proclaims that he won’t leave him if he again tries to trouble Sai.

Here, Sai gets shocked seeing the fight and tries to stop Virat. She sees him injured and gets concerned but he denies to stop himself from teaching a lesson to Gulabrao. The latter keels telling about his power and proclaims to harm Virat, but he doesn’t gets scared and stays firm on his statement.

Gulabrao rushes away from there along with his goons, as soon as he got the opportunity. He also threatens to kill Virat for hitting him and goes away from there. Virat was about to run away behind them but Sai stops him and says that she can look after her matters. She ask Virat not to get involved in her issues, to which he says that he would do it for anyone.

Elsewhere, Savi cheers Virat for beating Gulabrao. She shows her excitement after seeing the fight and then gets worried for Virat after seeing his injured face. They goes back to their house and Sai tries to aid Virat but he stops her. At that time Savi comes there and cleans Virat’s wohnds by herself. Whereas, Vinayak also expresses his concern for Virat and Sai assures him and gives him an opportunity to stay with them forever.

Chavans gets excited to welcome Harini, while the latter comes there and starts misbehaving with the family members. She dashes with Bhavani, while the latter gets furious and ask her tk apologize to her but she denies and points out at Bhavani’s mistake. Pakhi comes forward to make Harini understand about her mistake, but the latter denies tk listen tk anyone and seesm lost in her own world.

Ahead, Bhavani ask Pulkit to leave Harini into their house and proclaims that the latter doesn’t have to stay in the hostel, but she keeps insisting her father to let her stay in the hostel but gets unsuccessful. Pulkit notify abki Devyani being in the hospital and says that everyone would have been together if Devyani haven’t went to take her treatment.

Chavans misses Devyani, while Harini gets irked seeing the old fashion of Chavans. She ask them to give her space and denies to follow all their customs. At that time a lighter falls from her picket and everyone gets shockes. Karishmai hurriedly tries to throw it away from Harini, but the latter denies and says that smoking is very common with her generation. Chavans tries to make her understand about the danger of smoking but gets unsuccessful.

Further, Savi treats Virat’s wounds while Sai gets frustrated as as the latter talks to Pakhi. Vinayak tells her about the injury of Virat, while she gets concerned and shows her worry towards the latter. Virat assures her that he is fine and keels Sai hidden from them. Meanwhile, Usha confronts Sai about her feelings for Virat but the latter denis to have it anymore.

Precap:- Sai tries to treat Virat but he sends her away. She also stops showing her concern towards him and taunts about his attitude. He taunts her back and says that she doesn’t have any emotions left. He confronts her and questions that where she found Savi? He ask about her parents while Sai keeps staring at Virat.

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