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Episode starts with Virat asking Shruti to be inside the room and advice her not to come out frequently or trust anyone easily. She reminds him that she even trusted him without any relationship, while he shows his greatfullness towards her and instructs her to follow his advice. She ask if he always got sucessful in following his promises? To which he assures her that she won’t be disappointed by him.

Here, Samrat talks to Pakhi, while she ask if the situation is really problematic? She ask if they really have to worry about Virat? To which Samrat taunts her and reminds about their worry. He says that Sai is not playing any game and is genuinely tensed for Virat. He accuses Pakhi for not sympathysing Sai, to which she reminds him about the incident where Virat scolded Pakhi for going to his seniors.

Samrat mocks Pakhi about not caring about the relationships, while she replies that she is scared that if he again will leave her without telling anything. Meanwhile, Samrat looks at her. Whereas, Sai shows her excitement on seeing Virat and shows her gratitude towards the God.

Elsewhere, Samrat along with Bhavani and others tells Virat that how Sai was scared for him. They tells how Sai talked to his teammates, while he tells them that it is not good to interfere in his mission. Sai tells about how scared she replies was, while Virat thinks that he failed as a friend in protecting Sadanand and determines to fulfill his promise to Shruti.

Virat advice Sai not to get worried about his so much. He reminds her that she is a daughter of a police officer too and insists not to keep calling his office to ask about him. Pakhi takes a stand for Sai and scolds Virat fot behaving weirdly. She says that first he himself makes them worried by going somewhere and now scolding Sai for caring about him. Samrat also makes Virat understand that there is no mistake of Sai.

Ahead, Bhavani ask everyone to give some space to Virat. She says that he have returned after so long and insists them to give some time to him. Virat gets worried within himself. Samrat notices him and ask if the mission was sucessful? To which he nods positively. He says that he needs to take rest, while Omkar states that he is really proud of Virat.

Sai apologises to Virat for troubling him and tells that how worried she was. She questions him about his mission and ask to tell everything, while he replies that he is tired. He tries to avoid her questions and keeps feeling guilty for killing Sadanand.

Further, Virat gets inside his room along with Sai. She shows her gratitude towards the God for keeping Virat safe. She says that she have a lot to talk with him, while he thinks that he should be happy seeing her love and care towards him, but the situation is making him feel guilty. Sai ask if there is anything which is worrying him? To which he stays silent. Meanwhile, she gets shocked on noticing the red vermillion on his shirt.

Precap:- Shruti calls Virat late at night, while Sai sees it. Later, he sees the phone and excuses himself to talk to Sbruti. But, Sai confronts him about Shruti and ask that why is she calling him so much?

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th December 2021 Written Update: Samrat have a conversation with Sai