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The episode starts with Isha saying she shouldn’t have left Ishaan in his childhood. Savi comes to Isha and says to Isha that when she was a kid, she also stayed away from her father for 8 years and she prayed for her father every day. One Day God listened to her request and united with her Dad and her Dad was with her till his last breath. Savi says Ishaan will also realise her true value and will call her mother and she guarantees it. Isha asks Savi not to give her false hope and says she realised that Ishaan will never call her mother.

Savi and Shantanu leave Isha to give her some alone time. Shantanu apologises to Savi as she couldn’t celebrate Isha’s birthday with her. Savi asks Shantanu what happened in the past and why is Isha in this much pain. Savi asks Shantanu about why did Isha leave Ishaan in the past. Shantanu reveals the real reason about why Isha left Ishaan in the past to Savi. Savi asks Shantanu what is Isha’s fault in all of this as according to what he said both Isha and Ishaan are just victims. Savi asks Shantanu if he didn’t try to tell the truth to Ishaan. Shantanu says whenever he raises the topic of Isha. Ishaan just leaves from there and doesn’t want to talk about it. Savi thinks it will be good if there is way that Ishaan doesn’t have a choice besides facing the truth.

The next day, after the class Ishaan leaves from the class. Savi goes after Ishaan and offers sweets to Ishaan. Savi says to Ishaan that these sweets are to celebrate the successful surgery of Ninad. Ishaan tastes the sweet and puts it back saying he will not eat too much sweet in the morning. Savi later offers sweets to Reeva. Reeva says he will not eat too much sweet and eats the sweet that is tasted by Ishaan.

Shantanu calls Isha and asks Isha about her health as Isha is having migraine headache. Shantanu after talking to Isha cuts the call. Shantanu tries to invite Ishaan to his home but Ishaan doesn’t agree to it. Shantanu later distracts Ishaan and tries to message Happy birthday mom from Ishaan’s phone to Isha but Ishaan catches it and says to Ishaan that he never Shanatanu would stoop this low. Ishaan leaves from there in anger.

Savi comes to Reeva and says to Reeva that he would like to talk to her about counselling. Reeva agrees and takes Savi to her house.

Savi asks Reeva what to do if a person is in pain and he is living in denial. Reeva says to Savi that some people watch a movie some people cry, some don’t it is because some people experience that moment that’s why they cry. Savi hearing this gets an idea on how to tackle her problem. Savi thanks Reeva. Savi spills coffee on herself and she goes to wash it. Savi later comes out of the washroom and finds Reeva and Ishaan’s photo together.

Episode ends.

Precap:- The reporters question Ishaan that they got information that Surekha is responsible for him and Isha being seperated and asks if Ishaan and Isha are patching up their old feud. Surekha losing consciousness. Reeva catches Surekha. Ishaan blames Savi for the situation.

Isha says to Savi that she shouldn’t have brought up about her and Ishaan’s matter and made it public like this. Isha says Ishaan will never forgive her. Savi says she hopes that with this. Ishaan and Isha will get together.

Savi comes to Ishaan and says to Ishaan that she did it not only for Isha but also for him. Ishaan pushes Savi away. Reeva comes to Ishaan.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th December 2023 Written Update: Ishaan’s behaviour hurts Isha