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The episode starts with Virat feeling restless thinking about everything. He hears the church bell. He goes inside the church. Father asks how can he help him. Virat says I don’t know why I come here but came hearing the church bell. Church’s father says when people lost their way and neither knows where they are supposed to go and their destination then they are summoned by god for guidance. Father asks Vrat if he wants to do prayers or confession? Virat says confession may lighten his heart. Father shows him a confession box.

Virat sits in the confession box. Virat confesses since the last few days there is a conflict raging inside me, I don’t love my wife Pakhi and I had no problem staying with her but the problem arose with Sai’s return and I still love my ex-wife Sai. He says when he saw Sai in pain he lost his control over his emotions. He says he is conflicted between responsibility and love. Virat confesses he wants to be with Sai as it makes him happy but I don’t want to betray Pakhi too so show me a way as I can’t live without Sai. Bhavani heard Virat’s confession. Virat leaves after confessing his pain. Father sees Bhavani and asks what’s she doing near the confession area. Bhavani thinks about how she followed Virat seeing him with father. Father asks who’s she. Sisters say she is Bhavani ji who came to see the school. Father asks her to see the school

Virat returns home. He sees the food and eats it. Pakhi comes there and asks him didn’t say give him food. Virat asks her to not involve Sai in everything. Pakhi says you’re bringing Sai to my life and you have always been behind Sai and that Sai ruined my love. Virat says you may get mercy on Sai if you see her current condition. Pakhi asks him to show mercy on her and Vinayak too and tells him that how Vinayak is suffering from fever. She says you just care for Sai and you call yourself Vinu’s father, you should feel ashamed of yourself. Vinayak hears their conversation.

Later Virat goes to Vinayak’s room. Vinayak acts like sleeping. Virat tells him you don’t need to fear as your father will shield him from his problems. He leaves.

The next day, Bhavani and Sonali go to temple. Sonali asks Bhavani if Bappa showed her a way to solve problems as she is offering coconuts according to her mannat. Bhavani says she gets to know the way. Sonali asks what’s it. Bhavani says this between me and god so I can’t tell anyone. Bhavani prays to god and says she realised that Sai is key of their happiness so I will bring her back into Virat’s life. She asks Bappa to help her. She breaks the coconut and gives to and it then she performs Aarti to Bappa.

Virat goes to Savi and shows her the moral he bought for her. Savi feels elated and asks him what’s special as he bought her modak. Virat says meeting her is special for him. Savi tells him Sai is cured completely. Virat feels happy. Savi says she will eat everything. Virat says for both. Savi says you love me and mom, isn’t it. He recalls his moment with Sai. Savi calls Sai. Sai comes out. Savi says Virat has bought them modak as he loves them. Sai looks on. Savi asks them to not eat and she goes to call Usha. Sai tells Virat that she wants to talk to him. Virat thinks if it’s about his confession.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sai asks have you found your real dad? Savi says yes, I have come to know who my real dad is. Sai asks who is he? Savi says I’m drawing his name and the one I have found is not my adopted father and he is my real father Virat Chavan. Sai asks who told her?

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th February 2023 Written Update: Sai apologises to Savi