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The episode starts with Isha saying to Savi that the decision is in her hand. She says it’s the time she has to choose between marriage and career. Isha says sometimes they have to go against their family members to achieve their dreams. Savi recalls her promise to Sai. She tells Isha that she can’t go against her family. Isha asks her to take her time to think. Savi says she will request Bhavani to do my marriage after my final year exams. Isha says it’s a good idea and you will have a one year time to understand Samarth and his family too. Savi agrees and thanks Isha for her help and says she will talk to Samarth’s family.

Reeva takes Halwa to Ishaan. Ishaan sees I Love I and says he doesn’t know that she loves herself so much. Reeva says it means I love Ishaan. Ishaan smiles. Ishaan with spoon changes I to R and tells her Ishaan loves Reeva. Reeva blushes. She is about to leave. Ishaan stops Reeva from holding her hand. Reeva hugs him. Yashwant notices them through the mirror.

Savi comes to Samarth’s house. Mandar scolds Samarth for drinking all the time. Mandar’s mother asks why he agreed to Savi’s alliance. Mandar says Samarth promised that he will leave his drinking habit so I agreed to the marriage. Mandar’s mother asks if he allows Savi to work. Mandar says I didn’t allow my wife to work after marriage so I will do the same with Savi too. He asks Samarth to make Savi pregnant within a year to destroy her dreams. Savi overhears everything and decides to not marry Samarth. Savi thinks about how to cancel the marriage. She gets Vinayak’s message to come to pick him up in 10 minutes. Savi decides to stop her marriage using Vinayak.

Yashwant calls Swanan and asks him to come to Pune to see Reeva. Swanan agrees. Swati asks her husband why Yashwant called them suddenly to Pune. Swanan says Reeva might be missing us so let’s surprise Reeva. Savi comes to the bus stand. Auto is about to hit her but Vinayak saves her. Vinayak teases her and asks why she looks stressed. Savi asks him to cancel her marriage and tells him that Samarth’s family is planning to jail her like an animal. Vinu promises to help her.

Savi brings Vinu home. Family members feel happy seeing her. Ninad tells Vinu that he is feeling pain in his body. Vinu says he is back so he will cure him. Vinu takes Bhavani’s blessings. Bhavani asks if Savi comes to pick up him on time. Vinu says she came on time. He complains to Bhavani that Savi went to Samarth’s house to ask them to postpone marriage for one year and doesn’t know what she heard there, she asked me to tell you to cancel the marriage. He asks why she allowed Savi to go outside even after knowing Savi’s antics. Savi asks Vinayak why he is doing it to her when she asked his help. Vinayak says he is with Bhavani’s decision. Savi says she is not sure about Samarth so she won’t marry him. Bhavani asks him to stop.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bhavani comes to Savi and says to Savi that she needs to forget about these books. Bhavani says to Savi that from now on her husband’s family and her marriage will be everything to her. Bhavani says to Savi that she needs to show Bhavani’s grandson to her within a year. Savi gets shocked hearing this.

Ashwini consoles Savi. Ashwini says to Savi that she can understand what she is going through. Ashwini asks Savi to run away from here.

Ishaan says to Reeva that he was dreaming of having a life with her and she hid something this big from him. Ishaan tears off his wedding card. Savi tears off her wedding card.

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