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The episode starts with Ishaan asking Satham Sir from when is he doing this scam and who are involved with him in all of this. Yashwant presses Satham Sir for an answer. Satham says to Yashwant that he is forced as his mother is sick and he didn’t have a choice beside doing this. Ishaan asks Satham how much money does he need for his mother’s treatment. Satham says he needs Rs 40 lakhs for his mother’s treatment. Ishaan says no matter what the reason it is wrong of him to do this. Ishaan asks Yashwant to decide his punishment. Yashwant fires all of the people related to this scam. Satham leaves from there. Yashwant asks Ishaan to make sure that this news doesn’t go to the media. Yashwant scolds Nishikanth as all of this happened right under his nose. Yashwant says if he was not his brother then he would have kicked him out of this college.

Ishaan announces to all the students that the students who paid the money will get their receipts and who double paid the money will get their refund. Ishaan later leaves from there.

Preeti thanks Savi as because of her this problem has been solved. Preeti later invites Savi to come to the party that she is going to give on this occasion. The Bawarchi gang gets back together.

A student passes by Savi and spills the juice on her. Savi decides to wash it.

Ishaan to run into Savi. Ishaan says to Savi that he would like to talk to him. Savi mocks Ishaan saying he might be trying to thank him privately and says she accepts his thanks. Savi later leaves from there. Ishaan follows Savi into the washroom without realising it.

The students spot Ishaan going into the ladies room washroom. The students think Ishaan is doing a romance with Savi in the washroom. Ishaan argues with Savi not realising that he is in the girls washroom. Savi comments on Ishaan. Ishaan asks Savi not to tell anyone in the house what happened in the college. Savi comments on Ishaan and asks Ishaan to hold his bag. Savi washes her stain. Ishaan notices that he came into the girls washroom without realising it. Ishaan leaves the washroom and sees all the students outside the washroom. Ishaan and Savi leave the washroom. The students gossip about Ishaan and Savi doing romance in the washroom.

Ishaan says to Savi that he was never this embarrassed before in his life. Ishaan later warns Savi not to tell what happened in the college to anyone in the house. Savi agrees.

In the Mehandi function, Mukul sings a duet with his wife and celebrates the Mehandi function. Mukul congratulates Surekha.

Yashwant says he doesn’t want to go to the party after what happened in the college. Ishaan reminds Yashwant that all of the people are waiting for him and Mukul also came from far away.

Yashwant joins the party and teases back Mukul when he tries to tease him. Mukul asks Durva where are Savi, Ashmita and Anvi. Durva says she will go and check it out.

Anvi is shown to be having a high fever. Ashmita cares for Anvi and Savi stands beside her. Durva asks Ashmita what happened. Ashmita says Anvi has a high fever. Mukul comes and says he has a solution to this problem and says if Anvi spends time with her family then the fever will go away. Mukul says to Anvi that he will carry her downstairs. Anvi says she will come on her own.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Apsara invites Savi to have Mehandi in her hand. Savi says she has some personal reasons that she can’t have Mehandi. Durva thinks Savi is up to her antics again.

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