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The episode starts with Sai serving food to her family members and colleagues. She asks Amba to try Puran Poli as she prepares it for her. Amba eats it. Satya says to Sai, you made everyone eat so now you have to eat too. He makes Sai sit and serves her food then he makes Savi eat food. Sheetal and Rani discuss Sai is lucky to get Satya as her husband as he maintains a good bond with Vinu and Savi. Amba overhears it. She says to her mother that Sai got a good husband but what about my son?

Later Virat drinks beer thinking about the incidents from the birthday party. Sai feels happy as Vinu accepts her as his mother. Sai happily sleeps. Satya smiles seeing Sai’s happy face.

The next day, Sai forcefully feeds Tiffin to Savi. Vinu calls Sai. Sai picks up the call. Vinu says good morning Aayi. Sai asks him to call her Aayi again. He calls her Aayi. Sai tells him she is sending tiffin and dry fruits for him. Vinu tells Sai that he is getting ready for school by himself. Virat asks Vinu to come as he is getting late for school. He turns and sees Satya adjusting Sai’s hair on call. He feels jealous. Savi says to Satya that he helped Sai by setting her hair as it’s disturbing her. Satya says he won’t let anything trouble Sai. Sai asks Vinu to go to school and cuts the call. Vinu asks Virat to take him to school.

While leaving for the hospital, Sai asks Satya to not repeat what he did. Satya doesn’t hear it and asks what she said. Amba comes there and asks Sai and Satya to return home quickly as we have to go shopping for tomorrow’s Vath Savitri puja and Sai will keep a fast for Satya and will do the puja. Sai looks on. Family members say they will fast too. Sai looks on.

Bhavani says who will keep fast for Virat as Pakhi left too. Virat comes there and says no need for me to live so no need for anyone to fast for me. Bhavani asks him to not talk in that way.

At the hospital, Satya says to Sai that she doesn’t need to fast for him and suggests to act like she is fasting for him. Sai says it’s our tradition, currently, I’m your wife so I will fast for you. Sheetal tells Satya that he is lucky. Satya feels happy. Rani comes there and informs them that there is an emergency, The Senior Police officer is in critical condition and his family brought him here.

Sai and Satya come out. Sai gets shocked seeing the commissioner’s state. She asks Shreya what happened but she is not in a state to answer. Satya asks the Nurse to take them to OT. Sai makes the Commissioner’s wife sit in the chair and enters the OT. Virat enters the hospital and enquires about Commissioner. The receptionist informs him that Sai and Satya are treating him in the OT. In the OT, Satya asks Shreya to not move her blood otherwise bleeding gets increased. Sai asks Shreya what happened. Shreya says how someone attacked her father. Sai consoles Shreys. Surva comes there and says they need to do the surgery. Virat sees Commieioner’s wife in shock. He makes her come out from trans and asks her what happened. She says someone fired a rocket at him and he collapsed in blood.

Virat asks if any blast happened there. She says no. Virat realises it’s still in the Commissioner’s heart. Sai asks Shreya to remove her hand. Virat enters the OT and asks Shreya to not remove her hand. Sai and Satya ask Virat to leave and say they need to perform surgery. Virat says he knows what he is doing. He asks if they have done an X-ray. Sai says they don’t have time for it. Virat asks Shreya to say what she feels under her hand. Shreya says she feels some metal. Virat asks Doctors to come out once. Surva, Satya, and Sai come out of the OT and ask Virat what happened. Virat says the commissioner got attacked with a rocket launcher and still it’s in his heart and it will blast if Shreys removes her hand. Surva says other patient’s life will be at risk. Virat asks them to not inform anyone, he assures he won’t let anything happen to other patients. He says I will call my backup team so please do the X-ray in OT. They agree.

Episode ends.

Precap – Virat is shown to be talking with Kadam on the phone. Virat says there is an emergency in this hospital and asks Kadam to send a backup team. Virat also tells him to notify all the hospitals around this hospital to be on standby as they might change the patients to other hospitals. Virat calls Sanjay and tells him to come to the hospital. A guy is shown to be entering the operation theatre.

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