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The episode starts with Virat justifying his actions in front of his family. Ashwini says you say you care for everyone then why didn’t you think about Pakhi? Virat says he wants to release Pakhi from their marriage bond for her happiness. Ashwini in tears says to Bhavani ‘You want it to happen and it’s happening so celebrate it’. Ninad asks Virat if he can win Sai’s heart in this way. Virat says I can’t but I’m trying to keep her here until the situation comes under control.

In the room, Sai thinks about everything. Savi asks Sai why she fought with Virat again. She asks if Virat is punishing them by locking them in the room. Sai says it’s a game and we need to escape from this room to win the game. Savi asks how can they escape as the room is locked. Sai sees something and gets an idea. Virat calls Savi. Sai asks Savi to talk with her dad to divert him and she asks her to not inform their plans to Virat and says she will make them win the game. Savi attends the call. Virat over a video call says to Savi that he is sitting outside the room. Savi says Sai is angry with him. Virat says he is ready to apologise to Sai. He does situps. Savi asks him to not do it and says she is not angry. Sai throws their bags out from the balcony. Virat says to Savi that he doesn’t want to lose them. Savi asks him to wait. Sai flees the spot with Savi. Virat asks Savi to tell Sai that he loves her. He gets anxious when Savi doesn’t reply. He opens the door and notices they escaped from the balcony. Virat decides to find Sai’s whereabouts.

Pakhi smiles seeing Virat. He is about to leave. She asks where he is going. Virat says he is going to bring Sai back home. Pakhi says Sai won’t change her decision so stop your drama and I won’t let you run behind Sai. Virat says she can’t stop him. Pakhi reminds him she is still his wife. Virat pushes her and leaves. Pakhi gets hurt and cries. Vinayak notices everything.

Sai and Savi leave in an auto. Virat goes to search for them. Ashwini tries to comfort Pakhi. Vinayak notices everything. Bhavani says Virat and Sai are not attending calls. Ashwini blames Bhavani for Virat’s behavior. Bhavani asks her to stop blaming her. She asks her to understand the pain of Virat and says it’s good if they let Virat live happily. Ninad asks Bhavani to stop supporting Virat’s mistake. Bhavani supports Virat and asks why can’t they understand that Virat is correct and this is all happening because of Pakhi. Pakhi asks why she is blaming her. Bhavani says you guys are living in a fake marriage so sign the divorce and release Virat from your relationship and allow Virat to marry Sai. She says she will take care of her. Pakhi asks Bhavani to stop her nonsense. She says she won’t sign a divorce and reminds what happened in the Devi Tai case. She asks them to leave her alone. They leave. Pakhi cries badly. Vinayak notices everything.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sai calls DIG police. and says she needs his help. DIG asks what help she needs. Sai says she left Chavan Nivas due to some reasons. She requests Dig to not let Virat use his power to trace the location.

Virat calls Kadam and asks him to trace the number’s location he is going to send him. Kadam says Dig sir ordered us to not let you use resources for your personal work.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th April 2023 Written Update: Pakhi slaps Virat